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1) white rhino x black rhino (pariti)
2) shelob x 900 african buffalo
3) shelob x 700kg utahraptor
4) shelob x 700kg kodiak bear
5) cave troll (no weapons) x brock lesnar (no weapons, only normal clothing) (pariti)

Hello David.

1) white rhino x black rhino (pariti): This will be a close fight.  Both have similar builds (tank-like and broad), have great strength, very tough hides, and the same type of weaponry (2 nose horns; longer one used to impale adversaries).  At equal weights their horns will be close in length.  Rhinos can be skittish and cautious in their actions at times, but are capable of aggressive behavior when a situation calls for it.  Because the black rhinoceros is typically more aggressive and combative than the white rhinoceros, it has the advantage here.  Slight edge to black rhino.

2) Shelob x 900kg African buffalo: Shelob will weigh about 10% more than the African (or Cape) buffalo.  Shelob (the giant spider from "The Lord Of The Rings") is agile, stealthy, and loaded with offensive weaponry (fangs, venomous stinger, web usage).  African buffalo are notoriously ill-tempered and aggressive, and they can injure opponents with strong kicks with their hooves or violent thrusts with their thick horns.  Lions prides have difficult dealing with single African buffalo weighing 680kg, and a 900kg one will be enormous.  Shelob will need to incapacitate the buffalo with her venom or sticky web before her relatively fragile body gets injured by the bovid's attack (or counter-attack).  This outcome will depend on how effective Shelob's venom is and how extensive her web usage is.  Shelob's greater length and lateral quickness should give her the means to overcome the buffalo more times than not, but the chances of her receiving serious injuries in the process is high.  Edge to Shelob.

3) Shelob x 700kg Utahraptor: Shelob will weigh about 40% more than the Utahraptor. Like Shelob, the Utahraptor has a variety of weapons that can be utilized in combat.  It has a strong set of jaws lined with sharp teeth to deliver bites with, and forelimbs armed with claws to seize and hold onto opponents.  Perhaps the Utahraptor's greatest weapon is the sickle-shaped claws on its hindlimbs that can be used to puncture the bodies of its adversaries.  This agile dromaeosaurid can leap well and make quick turns.  Shelob will have a decent size and length advantage, but her speed and agility won't be an overwhelming asset with this particular opponent.  Again, the outcome depends somewhat on the extent of Shelob's abilities (which isn't entirely known), but her stinger should find its mark before she receives too much damage.  Both can win, but Shelob will be favored.  Shelob will definitely be wounded (perhaps fatally) whether she is victorious or not.  Edge to Shelob.

4) Shelob x 700kg Kodiak bear: Shelob will weigh about 40% more than the Kodiak bear.  Brown bears like the Kodiak have tremendous strength and dangerous weaponry (strong jaws, powerful forelimbs, long claws).  Bears are durable, and have great stamina.  The Kodiak bear will have the ability to maul Shelob at close quarters, but won't have the lateral quickness to close the distance if the spider maintains a safe distance before moving in.  Shelob's mobility will be greater, and she should be able to sting the bear before the ursid's jaws and claws make too much headway.  Her web may be employed in great enough amounts to hinder the Kodiak bear's movements, and her potent venom may slow the mammal down enough to give the giant spider the advantage.  As with the other matchups, Shelob can lose the fight or receive rather serious injuries even if she wins.  Shelob's greater weight and speed will be key assets for her.  Shelob's 3 opponents in this set of questions are very close matchups for her at the given weights.  Edge to Shelob.

5) cave troll (no weapons) x Brock Lesnar (no weapons, only normal clothing, pariti): At equal weights Brock Lesnar will be about 40% taller than the cave troll (the cave troll will be wider).  The cave troll's hide is very tough (can protect it from sword attacks) and its strength is immense.  Brock Lesnar is a skilled mixed martial arts fighter with great strength and athleticism, but his opponent here will be too strong and durable to effectively overpower with his skill set.  The cave troll will swing with its mighty arms without great precision, but any contact with Brock will potentially break bones.  Brock Lesnar is one of the best combatants among humans in the world, but he would need to have a significant size advantage to compete with this "Lord Of The Rings" monster.  Cave troll wins.

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