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BK hello! here are other creatures of elder scrolls! these are the last chapter to oblivion, morrowind, this game was made in a very fairytale abientazione therefore creatures were less realistic anatomically, these 3 dinosaur like probably proportional too much big skulls, they seem a blaster of tremors 2, this creature is called alit, the similar creature in the photo is kagouti is like a biped triceratop, other dinosaur like creature is guar similar to ornitopeds but as very big skulls! alit is carnivorous but his heavy build does not make him a speed animal is probabily scavenger and eat very big and slow crabs called mudcrabs, kagouty is herbivore but very territorial and agressive, guar is a placide herbivore
alit, kagouti and guar, long, tall, weight and strength (number of peoples or equivalent really animal)
alit vs cape buffalo, vs kodiak bear, vs ceratosaurus, vs hippo, vs daedroth
kagouty vs black rhino vs hippo, vs kodiak bear, vs daedroth
guar vs gorilla silverback, vs black bear, vs alit
very thanks!

Hello again Roby.

I viewed some more online action sequences from The Elder Scrolls to get an idea of what Guar, Alit, and Kagouti might be capable of doing.  I'm not an active "gamer", so I'm not a great authority on creatures that aren't real.  I prefer to address questions about real animals (movie creatures are OK) because it's difficult to compare the abilities of a real-life animal to the abilities of a video-game creature.  I'm basing the size of these creatures on the estimated heights of the humans they come into contact with (assigning an approximate height of 1.8-1.9m for a human male).  The weights are estimated by comparing their bulk to various real-life creatures and considering any physical attributes that may add of subtract to the creature's weight.  Here's my assessment of these creatures and their matchups:

By my estimations Alit is 2.2m long, 1.5m tall, weighs about 550kg, and is about as strong as approximately 10-11 people or a grizzly bear.  Short tail, but large head that adds to total length.  Main weapon is likely its jaws (with sharp teeth).

By my estimations Kagouti is 2.2m long, 1.9m tall, weighs about 550kg, and is about as strong as approximately 10-11 people or a grizzly bear (about the same strength as Alit).  Main weapon is likely its 2 long forward-pointing tusks.

By my estimations Guar is 2.3m long, 1.5m tall, weighs about 400kg, and is about as strong as approximately 8 people or a zebra.  Usually calm; apparently can get aggressive if it needs to.  Slender legs compared to Alit and Kagouti.  

Alit vs Cape buffalo: The Cape buffalo probably weighs about 25% more than Alit.  Cape buffalo deal with lions and hyenas, but typically not a single similar-sized predator (with the Nile crocodile in water being the only possible exception).  The bite of Alit will likely cause enough damage early on to keep Alit in this fight, but the 2-legged creature won't have a great base against the larger 4-legged bovid.  Slight edge to Alit.

Alit vs Kodiak bear: The Kodiak bear can weigh about the same as a typical Cape buffalo, so it will probably weigh about 25% more than Alit.  The Kodiak bear can pull Alit to the ground and brutalize it if it is successful at holding the creature down, but the huge jaws of Alit might cause damage before that happens.  Kodiak bears don't typically engage in combat with other similar-sized creatures except other bears, and a large brown bear won't have enough lateral quickness in comparison to Alit to make that an advantage.  Slight edge to Alit.

Alit vs Ceratosaurus: The Ceratosaurus will weigh over 50% more than Alit.  Each creature will have a huge set of jaws to battle with, but the dinosaur's longer tail will grant it better stability.  Alit's bite is probably bigger, but the Ceratosaurus is larger.  Probably close to 50/50.

Alit vs hippo: A large hippo in the prime of life can weigh between 1,800-2,700kg (older males get heavier), so the mammal can weigh almost 5 times as much as Alit and will be as tall at the shoulder as the creature.  Hippos have huge jaws with long sharp canines (to bite and slash with) and forward-pointing incisors (to thrust with).  Its skin can be 15cm thick in spots and be time-consuming to breach.  Alit won't be quick enough to remain safe from a counter-attack as it begins its biting assault, and the hippo's weight can crush it.  Edge to hippo.

Alit vs Deadroth: Daedroth will weigh approximately 80% more than Alit and stand over 66% taller.  Both have huge jaws, but Daedroth's clawed forelimbs will be a great advantage for the larger creature.  Even without use of fire and magic, Daedroth will be able to overcome Alit in a battle.  Daedroth wins.

Kagouti vs black rhino: A large black rhino can weigh 1,500kg.  Black rhinos are very strong and potentially aggressive.  Their tank-like builds, tough skin, and sharp nose horns make them formidable adversaries (even for lion prides).  Kagouti's stabbing tusks might have some effect over time, but the black rhino will simply gore and trample the smaller creature before any real damage is done.  Black rhino wins.

Kagouti vs hippo: The hippo can weigh 5 times as much as Kagouti.  Kagouti's stabbing tusks will be able to penetrate the hippo's thick hide, but the bipedal creature won't have the lateral quickness to stay safely positioned to keep from being trampled by the huge mammal.  The jaws of the hippo can do great damage, and the hippo will likely gain the advantage before Kagouti will.  Edge to hippo.

Kagouti vs Kodiak bear: The Kodiak bear will weigh about 25% more than Kagouti.  Even though Kagouti and Alit are on a similar level as combatants, I believe the Kodiak bear will have a better chance of neutralizing the tusks of Kagouti than the jaws of Alit.  Kagouti will have a better reach with its weaponry, but the Kodiak bear will have an opportunity to seize the creature and pull it down.  Close to 50/50.

Kagouti vs Daedroth: Daedroth will weigh about 80% more than Kagouti and stand about 30% taller.  Kagouti may have tusks that presumably can stab (and it surely can deliver a bite), but Daedroth has powerful jaws, clawed forelimbs, and armored hide.  The larger Daedroth should win this without use of fire and magic.  Daedroth wins.

Guar vs silverback gorilla: Guar will weigh almost twice as much as a silverback gorilla.  Neither one of these creatures will be eager to fight.  Even though the jaws of Guar aren't as formidable as the ones of a true carnivore, they probably will have greater effect on the gorilla than the ape's offense will have on it.  The weight difference will help Guar as well.  Edge to Guar.

Guar vs black bear: Guar will weigh between 50-75% more than an American black bear.  The black bear will only need to worry about Guar's jaws, and the bear's clawed forelimbs may be used effectively by delivering multiple swipes.  The black bear can probably defend itself from Guar or drive it away if it decides to attack (not its typical behavior), but the reverse is also true.  Probably a close fight, but slight edge to Guar.

Guar vs Alit: Alit will weigh approximately 35-40% more than Guar.  Alit is more aggressive, and its jaws are better suited for ripping flesh than Guar's.  Guar might be able to drive Alit away if it puts up some staunch resistance, but most serious fights will be won by the larger, better-armed animal.  Edge to Alit.

Best regards.

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