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hello Bk perhaps familiar with the popular series of video games elder scrolls, in these games there are many enemies among formidable hostile creatures here, if you do not know him I send you pictures of some creatures, and maybe you can see on youtube creatures to have an idea of their size and ability to move the first and daedroth of oblivion, perhaps the most terrible, could you tell me approximately how much is long, high, heavy and strong? strong as the number of people or animal equivalent? daedroth original size vs Siberian tiger, gryzzly bear,
European brown bear, crocodile nile medium size, gorrila silverback, the same size: gorrila silverback, chimp, orang utan, tyrranosaurus rex?

Hello Roby.

I had not heard of The Elder Scrolls before now, so I read a little bit about it to become a little more familiar with the game.  I watched a few fight scenes online with Daedroth, and I estimate its length to be about 3.5m, height to be about 2.5m, its weight to be approximately 1000kg, and its strength to be as much if not greater than any real-life animal in its size range.   It would probably take at least 20-25 men to overpower it without weapons, and that's if the creature only utilizes its brute strength.  An average black rhinoceros (or maybe a gaur or a large saltwater crocodile) might be a good match for the strength of Daedroth.  It has a crocodile-like head, long clawed forelimbs like a Spinosaurus, tail adorned with spikes much like those on a Stegosaurus (but spaced out in a single row instead of in pairs), and hide that appears to be osteoderm-covered like the armored hide of a crocodile.  Daedroth can also run and leap quite well, so its mobility and agility is impressive for a creature of its build.  It apparently has a certain level of magical abilities (as evidenced by the energy projected from its forelimbs), and it can breathe fire.  Daedroth seems to favor its swiping forelimbs as its weapon of choice, but I'm assuming it will also use its powerful jaws and spiked tail as well.  In these matchups, it would be an unfair battle in each one considering Daedroth's many abilities.  The use of fire alone gives Daedroth the advantage over just about every land animal that presently exists.  A large elephant or rhinoceros might have a chance to get the first strike in and stun Daedroth enough to overpower it, but Daedroth's energy projection and use of fire will make it an extremely tough creature to conquer.  In these matchups I will omit Daedroth's ability to use fire and magic so that the battles won't be overwhelmingly lopsided.

Daedroth (original size) vs Siberian tiger: Daedroth will weigh almost 3 1/2 times as much as a Siberian tiger.  Tigers are fantastic hunters that are capable of bringing down very large prey items by themselves, but nothing any tiger preys upon or encounters can fight like the Daedroth can.  The armored hide of Daedroth will make it hard for the Siberian tiger to cause significant damage with its teeth and claws, and the striped cat won't be able to easily close the distance or get into a "killing bite" position without being struck by Daedroth's massive clawed forelimbs.  Daedroth wins.  

Daedroth (original size) vs grizzly bear: Daedroth will weigh over twice as much as a large grizzly bear.  Grizzly bears are among the most aggressive and combative bears, and have large shoulder humps that give them great power in their forelimbs (for digging or swiping).  These bears have wide heads and strong jaws, and their claws can reach 10cm in length.  Grizzly bears have solid durability and great stamina.  Daedroth will be too large and well-rounded here.  Its hide will give it better protection from injury, and its claw swipes will be much stronger.  Daedroth's bite will cause major problems for the bear as well.  The grizzly bear will make a decent account of itself at equal weights (won't be favored, but might make it interesting), but will be overwhelmed here with this size disparity.  Daedroth wins.  

Daedroth (original size) vs European brown bear: The grizzly bear and the European brown bear are similar is size and ability, and the outcome here will be no different than Daedroth vs grizzly bear.  All brown bears are strong, effective fighters, but Daedroth is more formidable than anything any brown bear faces in today's world.  Daedroth wins.

Daedroth (original size) vs medium-sized Nile crocodile: Daedroth will weigh over twice as much as a medium-sized Nile crocodile.  Crocodiles can be fierce combatants, but are better suited for conflicts while in water.  A crocodile on land doesn't have as much mobility or stamina as it does in the water.  The crocodile and Daedroth will have powerful jaws and armored hides, but the size advantage and more diversified weaponry of Daedroth will give it the tools to win.  Even in water, Daedroth's clawed forelimbs will be dangerous, and the Nile crocodile won't be able to avoid being injured by them when it attempts to latch onto the larger creature.  A water battle at equal weights might be close, but not at these weights.  Daedroth wins.

Daedroth (original size) vs silverback gorilla: Daedroth will weigh almost 5 times as much as a silverback gorilla.  A silverback gorilla is a male gorilla (usually 12 years of age) with a saddle of silver-colored hair on its back.  It is typically the protector of the troop, and it will defend its family with his life.  Gorillas aren't accustomed to fighting other similar-sized animals except other gorillas, and a gorilla will get overpowered easily by the much larger and better-armed Daedroth.  Even though a gorilla is very strong and has a very high bite force (with 5cm canine teeth), it has very little to offer Daedroth in terms of being a worthy opponent.  Daedroth wins.

Daedroth vs silverback gorilla (at same size): Being the same size as Daedroth will give the silverback gorilla a better chance than being only 1/5 its weight, but it will still lose here.  The skin of the gorilla won't hold up well at all to the claws of Daedroth, and the bite of Daedroth can potentially immobilize the gorilla and make it vulnerable to these claws.  The gorilla will be strong, but Daedroth will likely be even stronger.  Daedroth's mobility and speed will likely be greater as well.  When offense and defense is considered, the gorilla is at a much lower level than Daedroth.  Daedroth wins.

Daedroth vs chimpanzee (at same size): For the same reasons as the Daedroth vs silverback gorilla matchup, the chimpanzee will lose for the same reasons.  The chimpanzee won't be quite as strong as the gorilla will be, but will have better speed, mobility, and overall fighting experience (chimpanzees come into conflict with more types of animals than gorillas do).  Even with some of the small advantages the chimp enjoys when compared to the gorilla, they aren't enough to give it any better chance against Daedroth.  The chimpanzee won't be able to easily harm the armored Daedroth, but Daedroth will easily be able to harm the chimp.  Daedroth wins.

Daedroth vs orangutan (at same size): This ape won't fare any better than the gorilla or the chimpanzee.  Orangutans have powerful arms that help it to easily swing through the trees, but they aren't very mobile on the ground.  Like all apes, orangutans can grab and bite, but aren't typically combative creatures.  Orangutans are considered by many to be the strongest apes pound-for-pound, but they don't have enough offense in their attack to compete against Daedroth.  The clawed forelimbs and powerful jaws of Daedroth will be too much for the ape to deal with.  Daedroth wins.

Daedroth vs Tyrannosaurus rex (at same size): The Tyrannosaurus is a fearsome predatory dinosaur that may have the strongest bite force of any land animal in history.  Its teeth are thick and deep-rooted, and its bite can remove large chunks of flesh.  Tyrannosaurus often preyed on dangerous animals similar in size to itself, so it won't be out of its element in a battle with a same-sized Daedroth.  However, in regards to truly effective weaponry in this encounter, the jaws of the Tyrannosaurus will be the limit of its arsenal.  Daedroth's tough hide will offer some protection, but a solid bite from Tyrannosaurus can penetrate many areas on its body.  Daedroth will have better mobility, however, and will have a chance to utilize it swiping claws and spiked tail throughout the fight if it needs to.  Tyrannosaurus isn't without hope, but it will be outmatched on most occasions against the better-protected and better-armed Daedroth.  A 7t Tyrannosaurus would likely be favored against Daedroth (without magic and fire), but not one of similar size.  Daedroth wins.  

Best regards.  

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