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Hi there bk been a while and I see you are still doing an excellent job on you think there is any man on the planet that could defeat a large male chimp in a fight to the death?i don't think so myself.thanks for your time bk.

Hello Chris.  Good to hear from you again.

Q: Is there any man on the planet that could defeat a large male chimp in a fight to the death?
A: A large male chimpanzee typically weighs no more than 130lb, but weights of 150lb have been attained on occasion.  Chimpanzees are strong, muscular animals with good mobility.  They have grabbing hands and bites that can do damage with accumulation.  I've seen estimations for the strength of a chimpanzee range from 2-7 times as strong as a human, but it's likely no more than 4 times as strong when an average human is considered.  There are some humans that are very large and strong, and their absolute strength may not be too far off from that of a 130lb chimp.  In the wild, chimpanzees rarely take on another similarly-sized animal one-on-one (they rely on help from other members of the troop), and most confrontations involve bluffing and visual displays of aggression (making noise, throwing things, etc.).  A chimpanzee doesn't have a specific killing method the same way a typical predator does, so one battling a human will be grabbing, pulling, and biting in a effort to cause accumulative damage.  While there are several incidences of humans being seriously injured by chimpanzees, a large, strong human in great shape and possessing a high level of skill would have a decent chance to repel one or even get the better of one in a physical confrontation.  While most humans would be quickly overpowered by a large male chimpanzee, it's difficult to envision a 130-150lb chimpanzee being able to do so with someone like Brock Lesnar, Shaquille O'Neal, Karl Malone, Kevin Nash, Mariusz Pudzianowski, Ndamukong Suh, Tyson Fury, and a host of others with high levels of strength, skill, athleticism, or elite fighting ability.  In a past answer I gave a 130lb chimpanzee a slight edge over Mike Tyson, but that's one I'd probably reconsider if we use Mike Tyson is his prime.  The attributes needed to get the better of a large male chimp in a conflict are found in many humans (MMA fighters, trained soldiers, football players, etc.), and there's likely a few humans that can combine these attributes with the keen mental discipline and determination needed to be able to compete successfully with an attacking chimp.  A human with a specific "game plan" will possibly have a small advantage in regards to strategy, but skills appropriate for overpowering another human might not translate seamlessly in an attempt to overpower a chimp.  For example, a large human skilled at Brazilian jiu-jitsu won't be able to "choke out" a chimpanzee by using the same precise actions needed to do so to a another human, but the practitioner can succeed if the right position is acquired.  A human will the ability to land powerful strikes to the more vulnerable areas of the chimp might have a good chance to eventually subdue it if the animal's movements are controlled enough.  Although a chimpanzee will have advantages in mobility and durability, the physical strength of many large humans will be enough to offset the strength of the ape.  If the right human (with the needed physical and mental attributes) is used, the chances are decent that the human will have the edge in a fight to the death with a large male chimpanzee.  Although the vast majority of humans wouldn't stand a chance against a large male chimp, there a select few that I would possibly favor in such an altercation.  Here is part of an answer I gave about 3 years ago to a similar question (Brock Lesnar vs chimp):

"I don't think I would favor Brock Lesnar against a scaled-up 200lb chimp, but he actually might have a decent shot against a 150lb one........the 200lb chimp would be favored over Lesnar, but the 150lb one would only have a slight edge.  Brock would need to land multiple strikes (fists or elbows) to the skull of the chimpanzee or try to choke the ape.  It's just not going to be as easy to do this against a target he hasn't been trained to defeat (and one that bites!)."

The "scaled up" chimp was referring to the 200lb out-of-shape pet chimpanzee named Travis and hypothetically using a healthy wild chimpanzee that weighed 200lb.  A 130lb chimpanzee will only weigh 1/2 of Brock Lesnar's weight, and Brock probably has enough size, strength, and skill to actually be favored against an ape this size.  There are a handful of other humans that might also be favored against a 130lb chimpanzee.  "Human vs Animal" isn't my strong suit (so many variables to consider), but this is how I would analyze this matchup.

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