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Interspecies Conflict/Croc vs elepahnt in wather


Sandy wrote at 2009-09-01 07:18:19
Hi Deepak,

You sure are persistent guy! and I admire Dewey for his patience with you. Had I been in Dewey's place , I would have probably gone crazy being bombarded by your questions, which, I find totally absurd. If you have a little bit of knowledge about wildlife and nature, you would appreciate, that wildlife has got it's own rules unlike mankind where we tend to kill without any rhyme or reason. The conflicts which you imagine all the time can never happen in reality except for a annaconda vs some big cat or maybe a croc vs annaconda or maybe between 2 big cats of differant species and that too very rarely when there is a competition for food. I hope iut's clear now...wildlife is not a stage for WWE..

Aditya Menon wrote at 2010-09-26 20:00:12
I agree with Sandy above. Dewey's being extremely patient with you. It's almost like you know the answers, but just want to make her say it. I personally got tired reading the _repetitive_ questions, without any context at all. Excuse me, but a Super-Crocodile vs. Lions? They don't even belong to the same time period of existence!

I also find your asking Dewey's country of origin to be absurd, and this kind of behavior would have been called stalking if not for Dewey's courtesy. Tsk Tsk, the immaturity of some people..!

kevin wrote at 2012-02-22 17:31:17
No. A single giant crocodile, regardless of its size, would not mess with an animal like an elephant even if it is in water. The elephant would still be able to crush the crocodile in water and slam it with its trunk. However, five giant crocodiles can kill and eat an adult bull elephant though.  

Saad wrote at 2013-03-24 06:16:54
The largest saltwater crocodile found in India at 23 ft long and 3000 pounds would not beat an elephant, even in water. It will have a large bite force, but its teeth are not sharp enough to penetrate through the latter's hide.

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Hi! To all those who have asked serious questions about interspecies conflict, I announce I will be leaving AllExperts for good. Im sad about it, but I must do it. Thank you to all of you, and before I leave, I want to give you some advice; please, read good books about animals, visit them in their natural habitats, but please, DO NOT THINK THAT YOU KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM JUST BECAUSE YOU'VE SEEN MANY VIDEOS ON YOU TUBE! It seems, and it makes me very sad, that there is some kind of community of animal fight fans out there who care nothing about real relationships between wild animals, and only want to know who would "destroy", "crush" or "anihilate" that other animal. Perhaps it was my fault; perhaps I chose the wrong subject. Had I know that I was helping to violent thoughts about animals fights, or even helping that morbid interest on animal fights to grow, I would have never suggested this category to be created. So, I would like to apologize to all of you people who did care about animals, who did want to learn about them. To all of you, fight fans, I would like to repeat, what you see in YOU TUBE is not the real animal world, please try to get to know them better, or, if you only want to know who will kill who, please watch Celebrity Deathmatch. And, again to those who do care, please do not believe to anyone who says he/she knows about animals if his or her references are links to You Tube. Best regards to all of you Dewey D. Jorin P.S- I almost forgot; I apologize to all of you about my bad English.


Nothing teachs you more about wildlife than working with wild animals yourself.

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