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Interspecies Conflict/Gorilla Vs. Big Cats


Shane wrote at 2008-06-22 22:48:14
The Eastern Lowland Gorilla is the largerst species of gorilla, not the mountain gorilla, and 500 lb examples in the wild of any species is quite rare.

Jaguars live in South and Central America, not in Africa, so a Gorilla and a Jaguar would not encounter each other other than a zoo or a man made encounter.


jack wrote at 2009-10-09 21:37:07
i really disagree with you there i think the big cats are made better for fighting then a gorilla is. with the leopard the gorilla stand a chance because of the size and leopards really avoid fighting but against the lion and tiger i doubt the gorilla would win. lions and tigers are really use to fighting between there own species aswell as others but gorillas they dont live in an environment were every meal is a battle and fights dont occur that often. if you watch footage of lion and tigers fighting 1 on 1 they rearly start going for death bites but instead move around quickly hitting each other with there claws using power that would smash a humans skull with ease. the gorilla does have amazing power but i dont think that is enough, if you watch boxing for instant most of the time the boxer that relies on his power usaully loses to the guy that uses his speed and agility as well as power. lions and tigers are killing machines and they are also fighting machine the gorilla doesnt have the aggressive mentality like them, lions fight constantly and are known for there bravery they wont hesitate to fight this gives them a upper hand in any fight they also are faster then the gorilla which lets them attack the gorilla and get out of the way when the gorilla attacks, and the lion also has power which makes it a very tough adversary for any creature. the mane also comes in useful for cushioning the gorillas attacks as for the gorillas bite force i dont think it will be using it as the lion wont wait around to find out how hard it is. for the  gorilla to win it needs to get a really good hold of the lion but the lion wont just be standing still for the gorilla. i really think that the big cats have more advantages then the gorilla and that they would win if they ever met in the wild.

Wade wrote at 2009-11-08 06:42:23
Nima - With respect, I don't know where you get some of your comparison's (i.e., fighters v. hunters). While I have no preference for apes or felines one way or the other, your comments do seem to indicate preference. A 400 pound male lion is not unusual, though 550 pounds is rare, but not unheard of. You seem to be using max size comparisons preferentially. Personally, I would not want to be charged by either animal, but a charge from the lion, holds the greater certainty of death, coming at 45mph and full of teeth and claws. To say that a lion is "built lighter" than a gorilla is like saying that Evander Hollyfield is built lighter than Mike Tyson. The lion (as compared to say, a tiger) is a social animal and is, therefore, more prone to inter/intragroup conflict - this means it's experienced at fighting, and sometimes killing, other large predators. This is why those fun animal comparisons usually, and rightly I think, have the lion besting the tiger. It's not "better," per se, it's experienced and aggressive.

As for bite force, I'll simply say that you may need to do a little more reading with regard to physics. I will add though a bit on lion technique - they tend to strangle. The whole "jugular thing" is the coincidence of the proximity of airways and oxygen carrying arteries (the carotid) and veins (deoxygenited). They're stranglers except for when they're fighting one another, then the tendency is for competing male lions to strike at one anothers' spines when they are in a position to do so.

It's not uncommon in these discussions to note a minimization of the claws of animals like the African lion. Consider this: You may have had the unpleasant experience of a house cat using its claws to hold you while "playing." Not at all pleasant or funny when the cat becomes overly enthusiastic. Imagine a creature 40-50 times the size of that animal, with lightening reflexes and enormous strength of its own, with 2 inch claws "gripping," and yes they do grip, your head and neck. Now imagine those claws slashing from the ends of paws the size of dinner plates - potentially fatal, if not immediately so, injury ensues.

Can the gorilla grip and crush and bite? Absolutely, and I would not want to be in the position of a lion being clubbed, grappled, crushed and bitten by a silverback. Weve seen what 150 pound chimpanzees can do to grown men. Its not a stretch to imagine the capabilities of a primate 3.5 times that size against a large predator. Broken bones seem almost more a certainty for the lion in this case, though the choice between death by beating and death by laceration and strangulation seems moot.

Ill end by say that one of my most memorable experiences was at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. I was outside the mountain gorilla enclosure watching and listening to a zoologist describe and explain the skull of one of those amazing animals. Suddenly, I heard a chilling sound, a roar unlike any Id ever heard. Id turned to the enclosure just in time to see, about 100 feet away, a silverback in his prime roaring again and taking his fist to a solid steel door. Im sure that the sound of both the roar and the pounding could be heard all over the zoo. That gorilla was UPSET! The zoologist explained that there was a female in estrus on the other side of the door in the next enclosure. The moral, I suppose, is to make sure that you never get between a silverback and his women particularly if youre a lion.

Gian wrote at 2010-09-04 15:25:26
Ok this expert said this type of work wasn't really for her now judging by these answers i could tell.

Ok here goes

Gorilla vs Lion: Lion. A gorilla would have no chance against the king of the beasts its to poorly armed and no were fast enough to pull of a victory. The Lion would easily avoid the gorillas arms and go for a neck bite and kill the ape. Plus even if the lion was hit by the gorillas arms it would still win. The Lion has this one

Gorilla vs Tigar: same as above but even worse.Tigar are one of the bests hunters in the world and one wouldn't have a problem in defeating even the largest gorillas. The Tigar Always.

Gorilla vs Jaguar:At the weights the expert gave the question could the gorilla win would be a great one. but if were talking about regular weights than the jaguar wins. The jaguar may not hunt large animals but its attacks would do the job. The other fact here is that a big jaguar could be equal in size to a lioness (350 lbs).

So both animals could vary in size a little but at most sizes the jaguar wins. On average sizes Jaguar 8/10 times.

Now the fact about there being no evidence of a leopard praying on a gorilla is not true. There was a report back in 1997 about a Leopard killing 4 gorillas from the same family at different times. But how ever against a leopard the Gorilla stands a far chance.  

Prime wrote at 2012-01-16 15:34:24
To Nima,


lol. Gorillas dont have 20x the strength of men, thats the hype because of there built not a fact, there's no logic in that formailty. There are men that can lift 1200 pounds in squating weights, shown in thousands of competitions threw out history.


Lets talk logic shall we??? If a silverback gorilla is 20x stronger that means 20 x 1200 pounds if 24,000 pounds and would imply that a gorilla can squat a school bus, which is bullshit!

-5 men who squated 1,000 pounds each in a show case event had a car let down on them from a crane, which was an average car that weighed close to 4,000 pounds, which having them stuck there and the crane had to remove the car quickly because 1 man felt he couldent manage the stress on his legs which implys 5 men could barley hold up 4,000 pounds.

-. Being thats only five men the gorilla in reality is only 3 to 4 times stronger than a strong human. Implementing if a crane droped an average car on the worlds most biggest and strongest silverback gorilla, his blood and bones would be splattered.


Weight of all 4 animals.

-Adult male Jaguar average weight is 230-280 pounds, world record at 380 pounds. Adult male siberian tiger's averages 500-600 pounds, worlds record at 1050 pounds.

Adult male silver back gorillas average 390 to 500 pounds worlds record was at 610 pounds. Adult african male lions average 450-550 pounds world record at 950 pounds.


Weopons:All three cats are akin and identical in killing there prey with bites and slashes to the neck and are only different in minor looks, attributes and size who are classifeied as (Carnivores) who need to kill and eat at-least every other day or two compared to gorillas who's diet consist of being classed as herbivore but often refererd to as omnivore, because of high rate of cannibalisim the big cats are the ones who would be hunting and persuing gorillas as nature intended.

-Gorillas dont have any fighting tactics or technique, they just swing and thrash around, they dont have nearly as high as 1300 bite psi stated by countless bullshit scientist, who were exploited by Dr. Brady bar to have made a device in 2006 that accuratly test bite psi and is the only person out of a hand full of around 5 others in the world, to have tested it on "Live Animals" anything before the device was made in 2006 are only assumptions, not factual evidence and the perentage of a gorilla using a bite even in there own clashes are the same as humans...Astronomical.


Leopards are well known for killing gorillas already, just type in leopard predation in google, they show 20 accounts of leopards killing adult male silver back alpha males, with the time and place these accounts have happened. From locals animal experts and zooligist have all stated threw out there co-exsisting that gorilla's are part of the leopards diet and there skin is no tougher than a humans.


The "Male Jaguar": Who is on average 70 pounds larger than his cousin the leopard. Jaguars have killed small crocs and giant caimen's that have 4 to 5 times stronger bite pressure of a silver back. Has killed anaconda and pythons, who has a 4 to 5 times harder and stronger grab and holding capabilities of a silver back gorilla. Who has crunched and broken threw the hardest of turtle shells. If its to death the jaguar would leave the silver back in peices.   


The Male "Siberian Tiger": Has killed guar who are 7x heviear than the worlds biggest gorilla. Has killed 16 foot crocidiles, who crocs has 1 of the top 5 strongest bites of any living thing on earth. Who the tiger out weighs the gorilla by 150 pounds of contoured weight and is the most acribatical cat and has the best fighting tecniques of all 3. Who is the also fond of killing prey who ventures into the water. The gorilla would need 4 to 6 hot tempered adults just to intimidate off the tiger. If theres only 1... even a buffed up 600 pound raging gorilla, would meet death if a tiger decided to persue the gorilla leaving only his bones.


The Afican male Lion: A.K.A the "King of the jungle", "King of the beast,

"King of the animal kingdom" who has the greatest acomplished feats of all land  predators, killing the largest to strongest to gamest animals on earth. Who in 1895 in mexico at a arena, a asiatic lion the smaller version of the african lion, had out gamed and shred a grizzley bears face to ground beef, only to set a draw from K.O-ing himself from the corner of a cage stub. Where there are accounts of single male lions killing adult hippos, that are 10 times heviear than the worlds biggest silver back gorilla, who hippos bite pressure are only rivaled by a salt water croc and known for killing more humans than lions. Who has killed Rhinos, who have one of the top 5 strongest armored skin,s in the animal kingdom, who also kills giant crocs as well and mandatorly kills at-least 1700 pound cape buffalo weekly, who has 4 times stronger pulling and pushing power of the biggest silver back gorilla's. Who african male lions has a account of 5 prime brother lions who took down a prime bull elephant who weighed 19,300 pounds, who are the only cat that lives in social groups called prides, records of up to 30-40 lions as there greatest prides ever recoreded from africa. lol, well if the two groups were ever in the same teritory the only shot the silver backs would have to survive is to keep moving in the oppisite direction, because all male lion pride rulers do, threw out there Prime years is, scout for portential threats drive off other male lions, fight other prides, lol, fight there own prides and kill anything they wish to eat.


A "Prime" Afican male lion 1 on 1 being pitted with the worlds biggest and strongest silver back gorilla is a 99/1 the lion would out game the gorilla, the lion would be faster and more agile than the gorilla, the lion strength would be on par if not stronger than the gorilla, the lion has tactical means of places to strike embeded in his genes, an whole reason why he survived this long as an "A" list predator. The big 99/1 the lion having the 99 is for pure out classing in every attribute and the gorilla having the 1, is only for a freak accident or one in a million chance, that he'd be smart enough to pick up a gun and shoot the lion


Toodles. ^_^

drake wrote at 2012-07-19 05:58:17
Gorilla vs Leopard: The leopard is known to kill adult gorillas on occasion, but usually a full grown gorilla is able to defend itself from it. 500 lbs vs 150 lbs is going to be too off.

Gorilla vs Lion: The lion should be able to win this. It is too strong of defending compared to any other large wild cat, and its long forelimbs/aggression would overwhelm the mountain gorilla.

Gorilla vs Jaguar: Even the largest jaguar is no chance. They do not encounter primates other than howler monkeys, and the gorilla's weight/immense strength would be too overwhelming.

Gorilla vs Tiger: A 250 lb sumatran tiger or 400 lb bengal tiger is not really a good match against a full grown 500 lb mountain gorilla. The gorilla is too strong and too mobile for them to handle. A 550 lb siberian tiger can win due to its large size, but usually in an ambush as siberian tigers are known to kill 500 lb brown bears.

morissa wrote at 2012-08-11 06:00:07
I have to add something furthermore to the expert's answers.

Mountain Gorilla vs Leopard/Jaguar- First of all, I do not really think these two big cats would beat a full grown mountain gorilla. Leopards are known to kill gorillas in ambushes, but it would most likely be subadults rather than full grown ones. Head on head, I cannot see the leopard or jaguar winning. The gorilla would be likely too large, too mobile, and too strong. However, a bite of the jaguar can break the mountain gorilla's bones as jaguars have a bite force of over 2000 psi.

Gorilla vs Lion- I think it is a 50/50. Lions can dominate over gorillas in open areas, as gorillas dominate over lions in tree covered places. The mountain gorilla has a stronger bite force and has a grappling advantage, but the lion's powerful fighting skills along with teeth/claws could severly injure it.

Gorilla vs Tiger- I am sure that the mountain gorilla has a good chance over any tiger. Tigers are actually not as vicious and powerful fighters as lions do, and they are more built to ambush.  

morissa wrote at 2012-08-11 22:09:52
Mountain gorilla vs Leopard/Jaguar/lion- I do not think both animals can do any damage to each other. Gorillas are peaceful creatures and they are not aggressive, although they are very strong. These big cats also would not have good chances head on head as the big ape has the grappling, size, and intelligence advantage.

Mountain gorilla vs Tiger- I would say a 600 lb tiger or slightly bigger than that would have good chances against the mountain gorilla. Under that weight would have troubles with the big ape.  

SmartGuy wrote at 2012-08-23 09:58:23
How dumb are you? A Lion/Tiger would destroy a Gorilla, a Jaguar too, but not as easily as the Lion/Tiger.

dores wrote at 2012-08-24 05:32:20
Mountain gorilla vs leopard- The leopard is better armed, but the gorilla has a much stronger bite and is on average much larger. It would be able to defend itself easily from the leopard.

Mountain gorilla vs jaguar- Jaguars do not encounter big apes, and do not know how to defeat them in a fight. Also, jaguars are particulary not very agile big cats due to their dense solid bone built. But a single bite of a jaguar on the mountain gorilla's skull can shatter it as jaguars have extremely powerful bites.

Mountain gorilla vs lion- It would have to be a male lion in order to keep a good fight. The mountain gorilla would tear apart the lion head on head being much bigger, as the lion may kill it in an ambush.

Mountain gorilla vs bengal tiger/siberian tiger- Head on head, the much more mobile, stronger, and more dexterous gorilla should be able to win. In an ambush, both tigers have good chances in ambushes as they often kill prey by this.

here to improve

endless sky wrote at 2012-09-07 22:53:53
All the above information need improvement.

Mountain gorilla vs leopard- The leopard can win this due to being much better armed and far more predatory, but it has to be quick. Mountain gorillas are much bigger than leopards and they are very dexterous creatures. They also have powerful strong forelimbs that can tear apart the leopard if the leopard was careless.

Mountain gorilla vs jaguar- Jaguars have very strong bites, and it is said that a jaw pressure of it is 2000 psi. They often kill prey by stalking them and biting their skull. The mountain gorilla can win due to dexterity, smartness, and strength, but the jaguar may be a little too powerful.

Mountain gorilla vs tiger- The tiger's aggression, predatory nature, and strength would be too much.

Mountain gorilla vs lion- The male lion should be able to kill the ape most of the time, but it wont be as effectively powerful as the tiger.

Saad wrote at 2013-03-25 07:11:56
In all of the fights, the big cats would dominate over the gorilla. The leopard would still be difficult for a gorilla. The latter has better arsenal, more flexibility, and is built to kill apes.  

Gautam wrote at 2014-04-30 08:36:42
Gorilla vs leopard.The gorilla has this one because the gorilla will be double the size of a leopard and it will be stronger too.

Gorilla vs jaguar.This is close to 50/50.But I  slightly favor the jaguar because unlike the leopard the jaguar is bigger and stronger and a more powerful bite.

Gorilla vs lion.This would be an easy win for the lion because it is the same size of the gorilla or sometimes even bigger armed with sharp claws and teeth.The gorilla will have next to no chance against the agile lion

Gorilla vs tiger.The tiger can kill the gorilla easier than the lion because tigers are stronger and more agile than the lion.

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