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Templar wrote at 2007-06-07 01:21:34
Dewey, stop your nonsense. A leopard has as much chance at killing a gorilla as cat has at an adult human.  No such report of a leopard killing a silverback exists. A Leopard wouldn't hunt if it has fed on an antelope. Gorillas have no natural enemies except man.

Dewey wrote at 2007-09-04 22:34:22
Hi, Templar

Tell that to famed zoologist George Schaller, who reported the attack I mentioned in the first place.

I would also like to mention that there is one case in which a house cat killed an adult human being.  

TARZAN wrote at 2008-03-23 15:27:20
There is no absolute answer to which animal can vanquish another in combat. While true that gorillas have occasionally been killed by leopards, it is also true that on rare occasions men have killed leopards with their bare hands by strangulation, as was accomplished by famed naturalist Karl Akelly when attacked by an 80 lb leopardess; however, I'd still bet on the gorilla in hand-to-hand combat with a human being. Stanley Brock recounts a case where his pet ocelot, weighing 35 lbs, killed his pet cougar, weighing 120 lbs, with a bite to the neck. It was a rare and freakish incident, but serves to illustrate how no outcome is 'etched in stone' when it comes to such conflicts. Some animals are incredibly tenacious and awesome fighters for their size. Wolverines are known to attack bears, cougars and even a whole pack of wolves over food. One hiker out in Washington state witnessed a wolverine kill a black bear by clinging to its back and gnawing through the back of its neck to sever the spine. The bear had outweighed the wolverine by an estimated ratio of ten-to-one. Perhaps the most shocking animal face-off of all has occurred when a creature weighing approximately 30 lbs kills an animal weighing 10,000 lbs. Sounds impossible? Yes, but the king cobra of India has been known to bite a full grown elephant weighing four to six tons between the toes and inject enough venom to kill the elephant within two or three hours. In my book, poison serpents with that kind of power are the scariest creatures on the planet.

RON wrote at 2009-11-21 17:36:13
please note that the black leopard that you say killed three animals the same day attacked the silverback while it slept according to the trackers that were with George Shaller( I read the book!!)Also if you read the book a bounty was suggested to be put on the leopard but was quickly denied by the presedent of that country because in his words wildlife takes care of itself and that leopard would run into a strong silverback and will be punished!! After a period of approxitmely 3 months that leopard was never heard of again!! Draw your own conclussions (I Have)! Any predetor that attacks another animal in its sleep has a HUGE advantage on the other animal ( no matter what kind of species it is)!! I truly doubt that there is any leopard in the wild today that will take on an AWAKE silverback and live another day!! Side Note from national geographic where 2 leopards fought a single silverback at night and were fought off by the silverback. The silverback received some very serious wounds but survived The leopards wre not found but as we all know animals will usually die from there wounds sometime later!! Again draw your own conclussions I HAVE!!

Gian wrote at 2013-03-23 17:26:19

My Logic:A leopard usually wouldnt see a gorilla espacally a silverback as an animal to seek as pray.But in times of serious starvation leopards have attacked gorillas despite the size difrence.Now i have read about rare acounts were leopards have killed gorillas,For example there was a case where a Male Leopard killed a black back gorilla in early morning while it was still dark,and after wards draged the dead gorilla up a tree.How ever these attacks cary great risk because an animal with the strentgh of a male silverback gorilla could easily kill a leopard.So in conclusion every body has there own opinions on this matter but it still wouldnt be a good idea to out rule the stories of leopards killing adult gorillas.  

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