Interspecies Conflict/Human vs. Cheetah


NightCat wrote at 2007-10-06 03:20:38
You're actually selling the cheetah short, it may be considered must weaker than the leopard or lion... But it is still much stronger that a human, adult males have been known to grow in excess of 70 kg and can take down adult gnus weighing 180kg.And there is no possible way an average human have quicker reflexes than a cat, lastly all the claws on a cheetah's claws are sharp and if you dont believe me go into a cheetah enclosure and try annoying it you'll see soon enough.

the likely winner between a siberian tiger and a polar bear is the siberian tiger it fights with siberian browns, the largest bears in the world are the alaskan kodiaks and the siberian browns, and usually 6/10 wins.

and finally polar bears have not become smaller they have become scarce therefore less reports of giants are turned up each year.

Jungle Truth wrote at 2008-09-25 16:27:10
Your coworker stands absolutely no chance against an adult chimpanzee, which would tear him to pieces like a bag of Doritos in mere minutes.

Bolly wrote at 2011-10-20 18:49:24
Just a liitle note to Dewey:chimpanzees are NOT 7 times stronger than a grown man. Pound for pound, an average himp is around twice as strong as a similar sized man. But the average chimp weighs 130lbs. The average man weighs around 180lbs. Even still, a healthy, athletic man weighs roughly 200lbs. Chimps simply aren't stronger than humans in overall terms.The chimp's only advantage in a fight with a large,fit,strong man is his bite,but chimps ar poor killers.Humans know that chimps are similar to humans and that their heads and necks are,like humans,an obvious weak spot.If the man got inside,he would have a good chance of beating the chimp.

Ivan wrote at 2012-11-22 05:44:53
Overall, I agree with this answer. However, I believe the reduced number of larger polar bears today is due to over-hunting by man and not due to global warming as stated. I believe the same thing has happened with lions, elephants and other large game in Africa, i.e. the larger specimens were hunted out, taking their genes with them and leaving an overall physically smaller population.

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Hi! To all those who have asked serious questions about interspecies conflict, I announce I will be leaving AllExperts for good. Im sad about it, but I must do it. Thank you to all of you, and before I leave, I want to give you some advice; please, read good books about animals, visit them in their natural habitats, but please, DO NOT THINK THAT YOU KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM JUST BECAUSE YOU'VE SEEN MANY VIDEOS ON YOU TUBE! It seems, and it makes me very sad, that there is some kind of community of animal fight fans out there who care nothing about real relationships between wild animals, and only want to know who would "destroy", "crush" or "anihilate" that other animal. Perhaps it was my fault; perhaps I chose the wrong subject. Had I know that I was helping to violent thoughts about animals fights, or even helping that morbid interest on animal fights to grow, I would have never suggested this category to be created. So, I would like to apologize to all of you people who did care about animals, who did want to learn about them. To all of you, fight fans, I would like to repeat, what you see in YOU TUBE is not the real animal world, please try to get to know them better, or, if you only want to know who will kill who, please watch Celebrity Deathmatch. And, again to those who do care, please do not believe to anyone who says he/she knows about animals if his or her references are links to You Tube. Best regards to all of you Dewey D. Jorin P.S- I almost forgot; I apologize to all of you about my bad English.


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