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Interspecies Conflict/group of elephants vs trex


Bill wrote at 2012-08-24 13:27:40
A "Big Bull'elephant could be upwards of twice the mass of a female trex (the larger of the species).  I believe that one large healthy bull elephant would be more than a match for a trex.  Mammals are superior in many respects.  Just ask a large gator in the everglades what happens when it tries to take a black bear.  The outcome usually isn't very good for the gator.

Dr Tyrone Shoelace III wrote at 2013-01-03 05:00:53

You bring up a very interesting proposition of an interspecies conflict. Not the first time, I might add. I am Dr Tyrone Shoelace III, Director of Studies on Interspecies Interactions at University of Maryland. Studies have shown, through holographic, genetic and computer imagery, that when these two hulks are pitted against one another, one on one, the male T-Rex defeats the African Bull Elephant in 7 of 10 encounters. You would be surprised to know that when matched one on one, leopards, gorillas, even the mighty lion, is no match for the elephant. There is however, one land mammal that both the African and Indian Elephant have a horrible fear of and retreat when this creature comes in it's path. Not the hulking Black rhinocerous. Not the huge Hippopotamus and not the Nile crocodile at 21' in length. Klaus, this creature I speak of is called the Long Tialed Common Field Mouse. At lengths recorded of over 4"-not including the 3" tail, this creature is known to scare a herd of elephants into complete chaos. (For further reading on this, I suggest "There's a Wocket in my Pocket" by Dr Suess.) Very good reading. At any rate, another interesting discovery was made in 1976 by a Dr Shock of Philadelphia who, by using computer design, which had just come into existence, pitted a full grown male T-Rex against an adult, long tailed common field mouse. The winner? You guessed it. That field mouse chased the T-Rex into the Triassic Period. Quite a finding. I hope this provides some insight to your question regarding who would win, an elephant or T-Rex.


Dr Tyrone Shoelace III

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Hi! To all those who have asked serious questions about interspecies conflict, I announce I will be leaving AllExperts for good. Im sad about it, but I must do it. Thank you to all of you, and before I leave, I want to give you some advice; please, read good books about animals, visit them in their natural habitats, but please, DO NOT THINK THAT YOU KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM JUST BECAUSE YOU'VE SEEN MANY VIDEOS ON YOU TUBE! It seems, and it makes me very sad, that there is some kind of community of animal fight fans out there who care nothing about real relationships between wild animals, and only want to know who would "destroy", "crush" or "anihilate" that other animal. Perhaps it was my fault; perhaps I chose the wrong subject. Had I know that I was helping to violent thoughts about animals fights, or even helping that morbid interest on animal fights to grow, I would have never suggested this category to be created. So, I would like to apologize to all of you people who did care about animals, who did want to learn about them. To all of you, fight fans, I would like to repeat, what you see in YOU TUBE is not the real animal world, please try to get to know them better, or, if you only want to know who will kill who, please watch Celebrity Deathmatch. And, again to those who do care, please do not believe to anyone who says he/she knows about animals if his or her references are links to You Tube. Best regards to all of you Dewey D. Jorin P.S- I almost forgot; I apologize to all of you about my bad English.


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