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adogg wrote at 2008-11-20 11:55:10
I would have to disagree with the Akita stand point. Having raised both akitas and german shepherds. The bite force of a german shepherd is second only to a Roti. But what the akita lacks in bite it makes up in spirit. The akita was bred for hunting and dog fighting in Japan. This has been perfected over the last couple hundred years. Dog fighting is different in japan in that the spirit of the dog is judged and not so much on his fighting. I have never seen a alpha akita male back down to another dog. Considering that german shepherds come from herding dogs and that until this century. I know if you take a police dog and pit it against an untrained akita most likely it will win. But take the same dogs with out training you might be surprised.  Oh yeah when you wake up to a dead coyote on your porch the following morning and find you akita without a scratch you gain a new perspective.  

conor wrote at 2009-07-12 22:08:50
what a idiot this guys nos absolutely nothing regarding what he is saying...clown...if hippo kill lion it would also kill tiger...and a smiladon would have no chance with american lion nor would it kill a short faced bear...american lion would also savage a Siberian tiger of equal size possibly even larger due to the lions ferocity even a lion of smaller size mto the tiger would kill it..much like todays lions

gladius wrote at 2009-10-07 18:20:43
americans in the old west imported lions and tigers to fight bears,the bear won every time.thats every time without fail,crushing the skull of the big cats.

the short faced bear,in my opinion,would have done the same to both smilodon and the american lion.the cats skull just is'nt strong enough.

justin wrote at 2012-06-20 21:56:15
A short faced bear had very strong dense bones, massive size, and large powerful paws that would overcome the sabertooth tiger. Short faced bears can weigh 2-3 times a sabertooth tiger weighs. The short faced bear was built to fight and protect itself from prehistoric big cats. A short faced bear once killed a sabertooth tiger when fighting for a bison carrion. A pack of sabertooth tigers could defeat a short faced bear, although a few may be injured.

gary wrote at 2012-06-28 21:45:56
American Lion vs Short faced bear?

The american Lion was a lot faster, but the short faced bear had a much larger size and much heavier weight. Its paws were also very deadly and large.

Smilidon vs American Lion?

I'd slightly favor the american lion. Smilidon populator was more aggressive, and better armed, and more muscular. But the american lion had longer forelimbs, faster speed, and could bite easily.

Male american lions weighed 850 lbs and got 9 ft long, while female american lions were 750 lbs.

German shepherd vs Akita?

I'd favor the akita. The akita would be around the same size as a husky, which is more muscular in built than a german shepherd and has a stronger jaw.

American Lion vs African Lion?

The american lion since it was 300-400 lbs bigger than the modern day lions.

Lion vs Hippo?

The hippo would easily win in a face to face fight. It is much larger, outweights the lion by at least 15 times, and its thick skin/ muscles could protect itself. Lions are not good swimmers/ambushers as tigers, jaguars, or leopards are, and would certainly avoid hippos near water. The hippo can simply kill a lion with one bite of its massive jaws.

Tiger vs Hippo?

Same as above, except that tigers are much more of ambushers and are sometimes heavier.

Gorilla vs Hyena?

I'd back both off. Hyenas have very strong bites, and have been known to kill zebras with one bite. Gorillas, on the other hand, can easily defend itself from the hyena due to its built and size.

Gorilla vs Jaguar?

The jaguar would win if it is an ambush.

Hyena vs Snow Leopard?

The snow leopard has claws, but the hyena's bite is too strong.

Hyena vs Rottweiler?

The hyena's jaw is at least 8-10 times stronger than a rottweiler's jaw. Also, the hyena is larger by 30 kg.

Short faced bear vs Brown bear?

The short faced bear was at least 500-1400 lbs bigger than a brown bear, and was also faster, carnivorous, and much more aggressive.

Short faced bear vs Polar bear?

The short faced bear would still be much bigger, and had much bigger/stronger paws. It was 12 ft tall on two feet, and weighed 2000 lbs. The polar bear was 9 ft tall on two feet, and weighed up to 1400 lbs.

Cheetah vs Dingo?

The cheetah is bigger, and had a bit of short claws. It's extreme speed could knock out a dingo.

Cheetah vs Wolf?

Same as above, except that wolves are much stronger and larger.

drake wrote at 2012-07-22 06:27:06
American Lion vs short faced bear: The short faced bear was 3 times heavier than the american lion, and also had extremely powerful paw swipes that would be fatal to the american lion in a well placed swipe.

Smilodon vs short faced bear: There is actually no way how the short faced bear would lose. The smilodon's canines may look very powerful, but would have a very difficult time biting its prey or enemy and was not as large/fast as the american lion.

Gian wrote at 2013-02-23 21:28:39

Hippo vs lion/tigar:Seriously dont agree with the expert on these.Ive seen lions pride assault hippos before,but they werent sucessful at bringin then down because of the hippos hide and girth. For example i reed about a scenaro were 9 lioness were attacking a full grown male hippo but failed to bring him down. The tigar would only really be able to kill a full grown hippo if it was sick or injured.Tigers have killed rhinos before but there were definetly some logical explanations to these casses.  

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