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Hello, Erin Sprout

I'm employed part time at a store and I'm currently in the process
of applying for a 2nd part time position.

My work schedule at my current job varies weekly, so I'm having a hard time with specifying my availability for my 2nd job application.

How can I specify my availability on my 2nd job application without sounding like "I don't know because my schedule varies every week"?



Jake K.

Hi, Jake,

Why not indicate that your hours are variable? Or how about "flexible"? Many people hold two jobs, and even two jobs that each change schedule weekly. The fact that your schedule isn't the same each week will not surprise your prospective employer.

You could also mark regular hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m., for example, Monday through Friday), if those hours coincide with your first job, even if you don't work all of those hours. You are available in general during that time; you will have discuss specifics later.  

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