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I realize this may just sound like sour grapes from a guy who didn't get an offer but is there any "right" way to re-engage with a company after a thoroughly incompetent interviewer?

During the summer one of my target companies posted a great position for me. The screening interview went great and my next interview was with the VP of Product. Looking him up online, he was probably more than 10 years younger than me and had very little experience - a lot less than me. But who knows, maybe he's a genius!

Maybe not... despite having my resume in his hand, he hadn't even glanced at it. He had no questions prepared (not even the standard ones every interviewer asks). Instead, he started scanning my resume and making up questions on the spot; many were misguided or meaningless to the point that when I asked him to explain a couple of them, he couldn't and said, "yeah, don't worry about that one."

At one point I brought up one of his own products to make a complimentary point and he wasn't familiar with it! He asked where I'd found out about this product; when I told him it was on his company website, he said he hadn't been to the site in a while!

You probably get the idea - ultimately, he asked me if I had any questions for him, but then he couldn't answer any of them - he didn't know how his team operated, what tools they use etc.

Bottom line: I don't mean to sound arrogant but I've gone through A LOT of interviews and never left another one feeling I knew more about the interviewer's job and company than him and had probably intimidated him - I knew he wouldn't want me working under him (and I don't know I would have wanted to but I really like the company).

Of course, it didn't go any further but I didn't know what else I could do - it's not as though there's a complaint or appeal process! (And fortunately, I am employed so it wasn't critical)

Now I'd like to try again with the company but I'm wondering how to go about it. I could reach out to the HR screener with whom I had the good interview or I could try to contact the Senior VP of Product (interviewer's boss, whom I didn't even know existed at the time). If they respond, what if they bring up my recent rejection? Do I mention the previous interview or that I don't think it was indicative? Or just start afresh, pretending it never happened? Is there any way to appeal to a company after an unfair interview?


You can reach out to the HR screener and tell them you are slightly perplexed about what happened at your last interview.  Try to not be too negative about the incompetent interviewer, but be factual.  Just state the facts.

After you tell what happened, tell the screener you are still interested in the company and ask how to proceed.

Warmly, R. Butler

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