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Greetings Deepa,
I am a college student with no work experience. I filled out an application online to Kmart and received an email for an interview. Do I actually have to bring anything to the interview, like a resume? When I filled out the application, I specified I will not upload a resume and just continued to fill out the application and I already stated that I have no work experience in the online application.


It is a good idea to prepare a resume even if you have no work experience. The resume should include your education, any projects that are relevant to the job your are applying for or where you have excelled, and any volunteer experience or extra curricular activities that have helped you build job related skills. For example, being part of debate contests would prepare you for communication/presentation skills etc. you will find plenty of templates on the web for resumes for new grads/internships etc.

Yes, you should take a couple of copies of your resume to the interview.

Good luck!

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