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Hi Deepa,

I'm currently a 2nd year student at a tertiary institution.
I have an upcoming interview at a bank for an internship at a major bank's project delivery department.

The interview is solely a presentation but im a bit stuck on how to approach this question in the best possible manner.

-A short brief describing your future career aspirations

Is it best to talk about short term and long term goals?
but unfortunately those goals are not geared towards project management they are more geared towards networking and security which is currently my major.

could the following be a possible way to answer this question?

my response:
to enhance my knowledge and expertise in ‘Project Management’ and hone other relevant skills as well, such as networking and IT security. Almost as setting short term and long term goals of having hands-on experience in as many technical projects as I post which I become well adept at the skill I have chosen to work upon.

you're comments are greatly appreciated.



I like your response, you should build on it. Remember that the main goal of an internship is to open doors, function in the "real work world" even if what you are doing may not be what you are ultimately studying for, networking, learning and gain good references. So your short-term goals should not just be about what your major is but also about building your soft skills. It also helps to keep a broad, long-term view - this bank may have an IT position down the road and this internship could put you one step closer to it.

Good luck!

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