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I have to take an in box assessment. The test will include situations where you are a manger and you have to answer e-mails you receive in an 8 hour day in priority. There will be chart and graph and different situations.

Do you have anything that can help prepare for this assessment?

The most important thing to remember about an "in-box assessment" is that they are trying to gauge your judgment and decision-making skills, especially since you will be dealing with managerial situations. So, the reasoning behind your answers will be more important than than your answers. Most likely you will be given a chance to talk about the reasoning in the interview following the assessment, or they might be an area in the test itself, where you can show why you chose a particular course of action. Also, remember that even if you don't do well on the assessment, it only makes up part of the score. You will have another chance in the interview to try and make up your overall score. Some other tips:
Read the instructions carefully and thoroughly.
Try to stay calm. Keep a note of the time to ensure you pace yourself correctly.
Read any background information you are given about the organization, the staff and your role. Focus on key points and make brief notes.
Scan through all items in the in-tray or email inbox to get an overall view of everything that will need to be considered.
Prioritize according to what is most important and most urgent. Decide what can be delegated, forwarded or deferred.
Identify key issues and any action that must be taken - detailing how, by whom and any timescales or deadlines.
Highlight any possible resource restraints, conflicts between tasks, or implications for the organization.
If asked to draft a written response to any item, identify the main points of your response quickly and expand concisely on these. Keep it as brief as possible - it is easy to get absorbed in this task but be wary of time.
Work as quickly and as accurately as you can.  

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