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Hi Ruth. I just started a new job this week. I knew it wasn't the perfect job, but I knew that it was going to be a lot better than my old job which made me miserable everyday. Last week, right before I started this job, I got a call from another place for an informational interview. Loved the place, loved the people, would be a better match (but they were in the process of deciding whether there will truly be an opening or not). In the event that this new place calls and offers me a position, which I hope will be next week, how do I tell my current brand-new employer the news without burning down any bridges? I am currently in a probationary period anyway, in which time they can let me go, but I just want to do it in a professional manner w/o offending anyone.

Dear Angel:

You tell them what you just told me.  You tell them that you had interviewed previously for a position that was an ideal fit for you and were just contacted that you got the position.  Although you hate to leave them in the lurch, after weighing all the pros and cons, you have to accept this position for a variety of reasons.  Tell them you are sorry to have to do this, but after weighing what is best for you long term, you must leave them.

Also, I am sorry for the delay in answering this, it landed in spam.

Warmly, R. Butler

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