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Hi Ruth,

After being laid off from my last job due to acquisition, I was unemployed for over a year. The job I have now is absolutely the worst job I've ever had and certainly more than I am able to handle. The problem is I felt I had to accept the offered position due to Unemployment Compensation rules (since I applied to it) or possibly suffer financial consequences should an audit occur. Ironically, it is the best paying job I've ever held. It is a state agency and things couldn't be more different than any private company I've ever worked for. It is super fast-paced and I don't really feel like I'm getting it in addition to making tons of mistakes.

I instinctively knew when I started that this job was wrong for me, even though some of my past experience could be useful. I am "detail-oriented", yet this job is hyper- Detailed. I feel like I'm losing an uphill battle since I started 2.5 months ago. Incidentally, I have felt miserable and frustrated there since the first week, something that has never happened in any previous job held! In that regard, if I am terminated (which is probably likely due to management assessment of my performance), how do I present this to an interviewer when they ask why I left my last job or why I was fired? Can I say the job was a poor fit for my skill set and personality? I want to make sure to not be too negative in the process. Please help me. I do have a very good job history, so this would be the shortest position I've held so far. Thanks.

Dear Wayne:

Yes, absolutely you can say, the position was just a poor fit for you.  Be factual, not emotional, and just relay what you have told me.  Point back to your job history and move the interview in that direction.  You may want to start looking now, so you do not have to say you are terminated.  Simply tell them you are looking because this job is not a good fit for you.  Warmly, R. Butler

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