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I had an interview yesterday and I think I did very well but not my best! I know there is always something I can do better. Two weeks ago I got a call and the woman asked me to come down for an interview and she requested that I bring in three references and mentions that I will be filling out an in house application.
Yesterday I showed up 15 minutes early because I thought I would be filling out an application but I didn't. I waited for five minutes before they called me in and learned that I was interviewed by two people. A male and female. Right away I shaked their hands firmly with good eye contact. They were very friendly and gave me warm smiles.
I sat down and immediately pulled out my recent updated resume, cover letter and the three references that they requested. All eyes were on me and I wasn't nervous and trust me I had thousands of interviews and almost an expert but not quite. ;) I always mention that I am a little nervous just to remind them that i am not my best performance.
They asked me the first question and it didn't go as smooth because I was a little nervous. After that everything went smoothly. They rosed their eyes brows as if they were impressed, they smiled a lot and we even shared a coule of laughs together. Towards the end i kind of wrapped it up by mentioning my volunteer work and how I help children with disabilities since I have had a disability as a child. i state that having a disability does not stop me from being successful or doing my job with.  They rosed they eye brows and looked at each other as if they were impressed, the male interview leaned in towards me, was so engaged with what I had to say while holding his palm near his mouth. His eyes were bright and I could tell he was very impressed. His feet wear pointing towards me.
The woman asked if there was any other questions and I said no. I was expecting her to say we will get back to you in two weeks since we are still interviewing others. Instead she asks if she could keep my new resume since I updated it by putting a new pt position on the weekends since I started a week after she called to schedule an interview. I shook their hands firmly and I could tell that James was pleased. I asked for his name again to make sure I had it correct so I can send him a thank you letter. He had that twinkle in his eye and seemed very please! I quickly asked before leaving the door if they would like me to fill out an application and the woman was like ummm sure and the man nodded and says yes. I went ahead and filled out an application since I know that the woman mentioned it in the first place.
I forgot to wrap it up stating that i am interested in this position and when will I hear back from you guys if I am offered the position. Darn it...when I went out I noticed there was another woman who was waiting to be interviewed. Another woman as well...goodness.
Did I do well? Did it sound like it went well?

Dear Alison:

It's hard to say because even if you did great, statistically all you can hope for is to get in the top 3.  If you keep getting in the top 3, eventually you will get a position.

One suggestion would be not to say you are nervous.  Basically everyone is nervous and you don't want to emphasize that.  You are right in that you need to always ask when you will hear from them and state that although you know they are interviewing others, you are very interested in the position (if you really are).

It sounds like you did most things correctly, so that's positive.  I will pray that things will go well and you get called back.  If you do not hear from them within a week, call them back and ask for a status.

Make sure you do send the thank you note.

Warmly, R. Butler

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