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I am looking for a new job- a job that I am PASSIONATE about! I want to get back into the mental health research field. I am considering positions that allow work with people with mental illness and/or neurological disorders.

I have both- mental illness and epilepsy. You wouldn't known by looking at me. I've become an advocate for people with mental illness + and would like to include this in my cover letter in the most appropriate way- but have no idea how to do that. It's personal- but I want the employer to know that I cared about this work long before applying for their position and that I have invaluable input because of what I've done and who I am, in reference to this field.

So, how do I say this or get this across in an appropriate and professional way?

Thank you!

So sorry for the extreme delay in answering your question.  This landed in spam.

I think you can say in your cover that you have personally overcome many challenges that will allow you to relate and help clients.  I wouldn't go into more detail than that until you have an interview.

And, on the interview, I would make sure you stress that you can do the job even though you have perhaps - anxiety disorder or whatever it is.  For instance, I personally have an issue with anxiety, but I am fully functional at the jobs I am employed to do.

So there is a way to convey this and a way not to convey this information.  The bottom line is you have to prove and assure the potential employer that you can do the work.

Warmly, R. Butler

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