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Hi Ruth Ė I would appreciate your thoughts on this:  I wrote a book on a technical subject but from a managerial perspective that was published in 1998. At the time, the book was timely and there was great interest in the topic. Since then the technology has been superseded by other technology.  Sensing this, I went back to school and completed my doctorate in 2013 at age 55 with my thesis on the subject of Valuation Ė a subject that does not change as rapidly.  Education-wise, I had previously completed my MBA at Harvard University back in 1985.
I have applied to predominantly high tech firms (since that is where my work background had been) but without much luck in the sense that Iíve received no response to the resume that I had submitted.  Now Iím casting an eye towards the firms that offer Valuation services to other companies.  However, applying to these firms will require more than simply sending a cover letter and resume.  Rather, I need to gain practical valuation experience and this would involve: implementing Valuation models onto spreadsheets, finding startup companies who would be willing to be valued, and then I would value these startup companies.  After having valued at least three companies, then I would apply to these Valuation firms.
However, I am told by some to ďnot waste your timeĒ because these firms want to hire 20 somethings whom they can pay less with the same level of knowledge that you have.  Even if you have an information interview, I am told, the person with whom you are having the information interview isnít going to say that they just hire 20 something because they donít want to be accused of age discrimination.
So the fields in which I am interested in: Valuation, venture capital and Investment Banking, are they locked out to me because of age?

Dear Wing:

This is a hard question to answer, because it just depends.  It is true that a lot of companies may prefer a younger person, but you may
be able to find a company that just wants a qualified person.

I don't believe that any field is completely locked out to a person because of age.  You have to radiate a certain confidence that YOU are the person who can help them and the best person for the position.

I would give it a go and then evaluate then.

Warmly, R. Butler

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