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I was recently made redundant from job as an electrician but after a few interviews, I have had three job offers and am struggling to decide which one is the best choice. The first offer has a low salary but is only a 30 minute commute, by company vehicle, working in various hospitals for an international corporation. The work is varied in quiet surroundings and good hours.
The other two offers are for retail maintenance with mundane tasks, easy work commute is longer to various retail parks and the pay is very good. One company has a good name although has recently been bought out by a large organisation and the other company has only been trading for a year and is rapidly expanding.

I want a good salary but also interesting work with good hours so any tips on how to figure out my options would be appreciated.


My apologies for the delayed reply.  I am certain you have made your decision, however, for future understanding when managing multiple job offers it is important to find balance. Knowing your monthly costs for living, understanding your true passion for the work, and also the people and the culture in which you will work.  

Countless job seekers have chosen money over the job role and the people and culture that they will be working in day to day and are miserable.  Others have chosen their love for the work and can barely pay the monthly bills and end up quite unsatisfied as they have the pressure of the cost of living that has to be met.  

You have had the opportunity to determine the best role and company that is the best fit for your lifestyle and work style.  You did a good job of breaking out each opportunity and that is important when choosing a job.

Also, once you have been chosen by a company and an offer has been made, you have the ability to counter the offer by negotiating the best salary, benefits, and perks, therefore, taking an offer that you like the best and attempting to get the compensation to fit your lifestyle through negotiation is a possibility, too.

Congratulations on the multiple offers.  Achieving multiple offers is quite an accomplishment!

Let me know which role you selected.  

Thank you for your excellent question.

Denise Anne Taylor

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