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Hi Denise, well, I've been searching for a job for over a year now with no success. Here's some background: I'm 34, I have a few years of so-so work history in customer service and hospitality, and I have a BA in English.

None of this is helping at all.

Since November of last year, I've submitted approximately 150 resumes/applications. Everything from Marketing Assistant to Lifeguard. Yep, I've even been trying to get a lifeguard job for $10/hour because the situation is just that bad.

I didn't even get a callback from Target or Best Buy, despite applying several times. I'm thinking they're disinterested because of my work history and education--they believe I'll expect too high of a salary.

So basically, I'm at the end of my pathetic job-seeking rope. I've pretty much exhausted every major company for 15 miles around, and all the smaller companies. I'm still $26,000 in debt with student loans, and while my wife is supportive and knows I'm trying hard, lately she's been reaching the end of her patience with me. I fear extremely hard and negative times approaching if this situation doesn't change soon.

A friend who's a professional IT recruiter helped rewrite my resume and cover letter. I've applied to countless places with employee referrals. I've applied to so many places, and in so many varying fields, that I honestly can't even recall half the places or jobs to which I've applied.

It's often difficult for me, as I'm charged with babysitting my niece on Saturdays and require those days off. If I don't do it, nobody will. And of course, since my brother and mother have no education, savings, outside cash sources, or resources, they can't afford to put her in daycare. So that leaves me to clean up the mess (which I don't mind doing, because I adore my niece and we have a great time together). But it doesn't help my availability at all.

It's becoming clear that one of two things (or both?) is factual here:

1) Due to a lukewarm work history and a degree worth about as much to employers as ice skates are to elephants, I pretty much have no chance of getting a career.

2) I'm not qualified for high, middle, or low-paying jobs, regardless of the field. Not even part-time. I've applied to endless part-time jobs too, and nothing. Not one callback. Nobody ever responds to my LinkedIn applications or contacts me interested about my resume.

Because my mother and brother are useless and uncaring when it comes to giving aid or advice, and my loving, caring father has been dead for nearly 20 years, I've come to you. This is rock bottom for me. I haven't possessed more than $20 of my own money in about 18 months. I try, and try, and try....and it's no use.

So maybe you can tell me the next step, because right now it's looking bleak. Actually, "bleak" is putting positive spin on the situation. At this point I'm seriously thinking about fleeing the country for Thailand or something, and just hiking around living my life and not worrying about all this. I'm too young to be so full of vitriol and negativity. My life is passing me by, and I'm powerless to help myself. One way or another, something has to give. And unless one of my picture books magically gets published and becomes a major bestseller, it's looking like the doors of life and opportunity are now closed for all time...and that's extremely difficult to live with.



Looking for a job can be frustrating.  There are several tactics/strategies that may be helpful.  I am sharing them below:

1.  Have you looked for a job by targeting specific companies versus job titles?  Pick top three industries you would have interest in exploring.  Apply directly to the career portal at the specific companies.

2.  Create a profile.  This is a must in getting found in business?  Make sure you Google or explore attend free webinars that are on the internet on how to complete your LinkedIn profile for success.  Be sure to invite every and anyone you know to connect via your LinkedIn profile and follow companies and groups that are constantly posting job opportunities.

3. Based on your submission to; it is clear you have a talent for writing.  I would explore the sites available that would allow you to be a writer on various topics and get paid. is another option; contracting out your skills.

4. Self Publish.  Their is a women that is amazing at providing insight on getting published.  Her name is Nina Amir and her site and guidance may provide the extra resources you need to publish your picture books and other written content.

These are a few options; there are others, however, this site is limiting regarding a comprehensive response.  I hope this helps, Bobby!  The universe may be directing to be an entrepreneur! Good luck!

Denise Anne Taylor  

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