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QUESTION: Hello Maam
I am a graduate architect, age 25 , female.
I am working in this firm now for 5 months and the issue is that often no work is assigned to me. I am often sitting idol and doing noting ...
I have asked my boss several times to assign work. But this has never happened. My boss is also employed here he is at MD post. My pay is 35k , Normally other firms are giving 25k. the issue is that i am usually sitting idol. There is no other woman co-worker. I am planning to switch job. At the same time i have applied for Post graduate diploma in Environmental design. By end og may i will get my books and by studies will hopefully start in June. It is one year diploma and on home studies.  so may studies may complete in June next year.
also i will be giving GAT test to apply this September for MSPM (masters in project management) and for that i hope to shift in other city.

So my plan is = take leave of two months from current job , do job in other firm meanwhile , then comeback and get transferred to other city..
Do u think it is a workable plan ??? Whats are the risks with it ??

ANSWER: Based on your inquiry, is it accurate to assume they have no training or support for you as a new employee? 5 months would be considered "new".

Keep up with your studies as this will serve you in the future and it is positive momentum for your career.  

You have been at the company for a short period of time and taking a leave, so soon, may impact your status. Have you determined if a leave is acceptable based on your short employment history with this company? They may determine they cannot afford to have your post vacant and may choose to move in another direction. Have you considered this?

Is there other management or co-workers that can provide guidance on tasks or other related work to be completed if you current MD is not helpful? Thank you.

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QUESTION: There are two design teams , in my team the MD do all work and don't assign me any. He z not doing anything extraordinary , he himself is an employee so he don't want any other architect to shine.
I have got this job by my fathers reference so apparently the company can't kick me out for almost any reason.
I feel broken an tortured here as i am sitting idol all day. Now my college who is accountant says that the MD don't want to see anyone in competition ...
I am assigned no work here , and this breaks my heart ...

ANSWER: While your father was instrumental in getting your hired, have you considered looking for another role in another company where you will be more useful? Apply to other companies in your industry.

Have you spoken with your father to also get guidance or advice.  Sitting idle and not feeling or being of value can bring on depression and anxiety. Ask your father for advice, he may be able to assist.

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QUESTION: My father agree with me on both options i.e joining other firm temporarily or
he says he can talk to authority to change my team. My team has more and more politics and less work. And you  are right i have been in anxiety for this reason , in-fact i have been depressed for last some days.
Changing job may take a month or more. P.s in my city there are few architecture firms. I may have to change city for a better job which may end up saving me no money from my monthly salary.
I don't feel like going to his boss to verbally ask for changing my team cox i am unsure how can it effect me later. His boss also does not like him much.

Yes, employ your father's guidance. One option is that he may ask for a team change on your behalf; and then you can determine next steps based on the feedback.

If the feedback does not allow for a role on a new team; then the next step may be to explore other job options outside of your current city.

The other alternative is to stay in your current role and wait for assignments and in the meantime, take your Post Graduate studies and use the time that is idle to study.  

As one of the few women in your organization it is not uncommon for the men to feel intimidated in an industry that is traditionally male dominated.  Stay strong.

Maintain a positive attitude, know that you have attempted to do your best work and continue to pursue your educational goals and objectives.  The current situation temporary. While it may feel hopeless, you will be moving forward beginning in June and you will be able to put this experience in the past.

Thank you.

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