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QUESTION: do employers know how prestigious the university of Pennsylvania is?

ANSWER: Mr. Taylor,

Would you expand on your question? Why do you ask? Thank you. Denise Anne Taylor

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QUESTION: Sorry, what I meant to ask is will the University of Pennsylvania be well recognized when I apply for jobs? Will employers be impressed and realize that is an ivy league school? And lastly, do you think they would confuse it for Penn State?

Mr. Taylor,

It is hard to say; however, this may help you determine the answer to your question.  Keep in mind that most resumes, unless provided in hard copy form by request or referral, are "read" by software that is utilized by most mid-size to Fortune 100, 500, companies.  So, if that is the case, the value of University of Pennsylvania will not be identified, what is identified is completing your degree and when.

Next, after ranking and filtering by the software the resume travels to a database or in many cases, an HR Generalist, and this may also include an intern working in HR at the time, so whether the person on the front line identifies University of Pennsylvania as "Ivy League" or NOT Penn State, may be a gamble.

Now, if you go through University of Pennsylvania's career services department and if Alumni submit job opportunities for recent graduates...of course that is a sure bet.  If in your network you get referrals from past Alumni, friends, or family...that is a sure bet.  If you are found on a professional network like LinkedIn; that is a sure bet.

So you can see, there are several variables on whether a person seeing your resume will automatically identify University of Pennsylvania, perhaps confuse the school with Penn State, possibly.

However, the real game changer is to get a referral when possible and to start creating some form of work history as the degrees in the long run may be required, but what you can do in a role for a given company trumps the overall views in determining whether or not to outreach.

Hope this helps.  Good luck!

Denise Anne Taylor

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