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I accepted an internship offer for summer from a tech company when my gpa was above 3.0 (3.0 was the minimum required gpa for job). But after this semester my overall gpa will go down to 2.9. In the offer letter it states the offer is valid only if I maintain 3.0 gpa and I need to submit a transcript at the beginning of work. Will they rescind my offer if they find out my overall gpa went down below 3.0?

T fish,

Each organization has it own unique protocols.  If they have already accepted you to their program, in many cases, hiring managers do not want to go back through the interview process or follow-up and would more than likely, maintain the commitment upon review of your transcript.  

Additionally, this late in the stage, the other candidates for consideration earlier in the process may have accepted an internship at another company and may no longer be available.

With that stated, some companies are known to hold fast to their protocols, and they use those protocols as a "teaching moment" and may rescind the offer.  

However, other companies put those protocols in place so that hires do not slack off because they have received the may really depend on how much your G.P.A. dropped and at the hiring manager's discretion.  It can really go either way...good luck!

Denise Anne Taylor  

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