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QUESTION: Dear Soul Whisperer,

I met this person end of June 2012. And ever since we met I have been drawn to him like magnet to iron.

He is not particularly my type as a man, and he is already in a steady relationship and engaged to be married, and I know very well that this is not going to go anywhere, not to mention that with regards to relationships rationally speaking he is not what I want.
I have been trying to break this relationship but I just can't. I don't know what happened to me. What hurts me most is that I feel he is not on the same level of attraction I am on, perhaps he is more drawn to me as a friend not as a lover.

What do you think?


ANSWER: Hi Sirine :)

Thank You for your query!

Hmmmm.I almost fell over when I read your question. Let's just say this situation is familiar to me. :#

First, there is nothing wrong with you Love... Without too much info, I can only share what I'm getting and a lil knowledge, I've gained along my own Spiritual Journey.

Here's the dealo... It is totally normal for us to want what we cannot have. Nothin'like a challenge to get ya all stirred up! :#

Please ask yourself if you can relate to the "realistic answer' I just offered... Sit with it for a second...

If you truly feel from the deepest depths of your Soul, that it is far more than... "the challenge" you are drawn to, then please keep reading...

There are many times in our lives where we are "drawn" to a particular person, sometimes it is obvious why we are so attracted, other times it makes no common sense at all! Regardless, of it's ability to make sense, it is not something we can just brush off, especially if... it is a soul connection.

****** The following is from the Intuitive Reading I did for you.

I will give you fair warning from this sentence on... This kinda relationship is soooo incredibly messy and beautiful, Heartwrenchingly painful and yet blissful at the same time! And IT is absolutely NOT about sex at this point!!

I feel rather strongly that you have basically met one of the many "Karmic Soul Mates" that will come in and out of your life.

In fact, it is my belief, Karmic Soul Relationships are designed to promote Soul growth at a rapid pace. These types of connections are often a source of major emotional upheaval and massive self realizations ! K.S.Realtionships serve to point out the best and worst parts of ourselves... The purpose is to learn about who and what you are... they promote Ego identification #ouch!# and the beautiful recognition of SOUL! :)

It is far from easy,but it will pay off in spades if you both find a way to make it work.

I can very much feel the heartache you have already experienced since you guys first met. That feeling you are struggling with, the really sharp one, that is the pain of rejection. Believe it or not He will feel the same pain at some point.

My advice Lovey, is to listen to your intuition on this one. You are only ignoring it when searching for answers to information you already know in your heart and soul. Treat others the way you desire to be treated and only act on impulses that serve your higher purpose. Try your best, not to have expectations of the relationship, to give him space and if there is not positive GROWTH as a result of interacting with him, then I suggest you find a way to lovingly "disconnect".#yes, i know it feels like an impossible feat!#

Just give Love without condition and hold on it's gonna be a bumpy ride! :)


I hope this brings some clarity to you... My intention is ALWAYS provide, only the information that serves each Soul best.

I am happy to offer a follow up if you have questions.

Love and Light to you Sirine~


~Soul Whisperer~


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Namaste Soul Whisperer,

Your message is great very intuitive in deed.

Regarding my EXPECTATIONS of this relationship, in reality I have NONE. I truely been through lots of pain because I was resisting my feelings towards him and at the end I thought just surrender , give up and I did. Now, I feel much better about him and us.

I don't know what you mean with positive GROWTH me here conitinuity is more what I wish just to have him around be able to see him , talk to him, make love from time to time. Being around him is so rewarding and beautiful, yet you suggested that we disconnect lovingly , this shocked me why ??!! Why should we disconnect. Is it impossible just to be around each other ? Is it too muhc of a burden? If it is , will be a burden to me or to him.

Thanks Sould whisperer you ve been great help so far...

Hi Sirine...

I am happy to clarify my original response... :) Before I go any further, I feel I should share where I am coming from with this follow up...

(Everything I share I do so with LOVE & EMPATHY!!! And unfortunutly, there is always a chance I can be totally wrong! After all, I am attempting to pull info off of a few sentences without any other type of connection... Just a name, and some peeps do not even use a real name, and,  a situation...Im Awesome but not infalliable! ;) I know, if given a sit down with you or even a pic of the two of you, would most likely be 10x easier and 10x more informative!:)

***************************** All Intuitive from here on................

Your original query was drenched in, what I like to call, in my own life, THE "OMG WHAT IS THIS THING??, I SWEAR IM GONNA GO CRAZY!" :)

I am very clearly "hearing"....At time of 1st query you had either gone through a period without contact with him OR you were feeling low because your heart was all achey and uncomfortable as he did not fulfill the hope you had of how he "should" feel or act when there WAS contact...
(I know going more that a few hours, without some type of contact, is at times unbearable and it digs up all kinds of icky Ego led feelings) (Ive been there done that :)

With that said, I gonna bet he made contact out of the blue, or did something completely unexpected and has yet again left your heart all warm and comfy! ( Gosh, it feels dang good when everything is "right")

If this is completely off, please forgive me... and keep on reading Lovey...


O.K. the fact that you used the word "SURRENDER", speaks volumes to me. Obviously,you are on in touch with and very much listening to your Intuition. Which I feel is TOTALLY AWESOME!! "Surrender" is a word and action that is soooo important, when it comes to K.S. Relationships or any Soul Mate relationship for that matter. Congrats on having the courage to just let it go and stop fighting your feelings!

I have a feeling you have spent sometime checking out info on Twin Souls..I was hesitant to use that term because it has been totally over glamourized and a T.S. realationship is rarely the walk in the park, everyone claims it to be!!! :)

My concern Sirine, and the main reason I mentioned the "disconnect with love option" was strictly based on the Reality that he is currently in a serious relationship...AND engaged to be married. Believe me when I say... you do not want to be the reason he ends his engagment... Nor does it benefit any of you guys to be unknowingly sleeping with each other... There is LOADS of nasty that comes from being in the middle of that situation... Enough nasty to ruin your chance to truly have an open and honest relationship with him from the get go...

In offering the disconnect advice, I was simply giving you an option, as I was guided to do.

""Try your best, not to have expectations of the relationship, to give him space and if there is not positive GROWTH as a result of interacting with him, then I suggest you find a way to lovingly "disconnect".(yes, i know it feels like an impossible feat!)""

Meaning, give hime space to make a decision based on his own feelings, i.e. whether he stays in a commited relationship with another woman....

The "POSITIVE GROWTH" part is very imporatant... In these types of relationships things get uber messy... Like I mentioned before... This type of connection is very intense and it has been predestined at this specific time and place SOLEY for the purpose of Growth and Soul realization!!!

As for the "burden", the only burden will be his... Because of the other realtionship he is in. You are NOT a burden, nor is she.... However, the way he chooses to manage his previous realtionship will be his burden to bare and believe it or not, He planned it this way... long before you guys meet here on Earth.

Good Lordy, that was a long follow up! :) I hope I was able to give some Clarity! Please do me a favor and let me know how you guys work out! It is always a JOY to hear about Soul Mates against the odds, working together to create a life of LOVE!!


Thank you for the nice rating! It's been a pleasure reading for you! :)

~Soul Whisperer~  


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