Hello, I have a question about my angels and spirits, do you know how many I might have? I am curious because I've been reading about it, and I believe in the spirit world. I'm trying to also find the purpose of my life?

Also, I have been getting this intuition, like I am going to meet somebody soon, maybe my soulmate? I do not know if I am going crazy or am desperate or if this really is going to happen? I believe in the spirit world, that we all are souls and we have certain people in our lives because we have been together for a long time (spiritually). All my friends have boyfriends so perhaps I am just lonely or going desperate. Could my intuition be true? How can I tell if it is an intuition and not my craziness? I want to mention that I am a very picky person, I believe in true love and soulmates. Thank you!


Hello Oyla,

I can't tell you how many spirit guides and angels a person has.  However, I want you to know that there are several spirits who have their positive attention focused on your entire life.  They're always sending messages and positive energy.  Just allow yourself to bask in the light from them.  Negative emotions from negative thinking push them away from you because they are pure energy.  

Anytime you find yourself feeling really bad or lonely...meditate.  Also find the truth of your negative feelings and allow them to fade.  When you know what you truly want, what your soul wants, you are lined up energetically.  There's no need to contradict it with attention to what you are lacking in your present reality.  Like a magnet it is coming to you as long as you allow it to happen.  Don't worry with details, like when how or who...let the universe bring it to you.  The universe always brings a vibration match to you. :)  So yes, your soulmate is on the way, just line up with that energy even though you haven't seen him yet.  


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