Hello :) I was hoping for insights on my financial issues. Will it ever get better? or do you see me wealthy or poor. Whenever I ask psychics or tarot readers I get the same answer either I will be doing studying or classes (which would be for the ged) but it doesn't answer my question if i will have money instead of penny pinching or depending on others you know. But could you give me insights on money in my life. I am broke and although I cant complain because I have a roof over my head and food I just want to know how will my financial issues look for me. Thanks so much :)


Where your soul desires to be is saturated with the richness of life.  Everything that would make your life abundant is all around you.  The only obstacle in your way is how you are looking at the details.  If you begin focusing on what you want in a general way, all these things will start appearing into your life regardless of money.  If somebody gives you something accept the gift as a worthy soul, do not focus on dependance.  The idea of being dependent or extremely frugal is subjective, if you could see the bigger picture, you would see how blessed you are and the amazing abundance all around you, and MEANT for you!  Just pursuit what you are interested in and money, relationships, favorable situations will flow into your life.  The more you get the hang of it the easier it gets.  When you appreciate help form others you can not only give back but begin to shift fluidly out of needing anything. Money will flow to you like everything else once you finally break from the IDEA of poverty.

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