QUESTION: i got back in touch with a child hood friend about 7 years ago .
We have been talking on and off during that time , he and i have been busy with work .

about 3 months ago, he had his friend pretend to be a cop and tell me stop talking to John , or there will be a petrol car looking for you . im not sure why he did this .

we dated for a while , about a year . i dont think i was the type of person he wanted to marry .  he would always tell me dont call me anymore , i would only call every 3 months . i saw him about 4 months ago we just stared at each other . i said whats up and he just said nothing and waved , but he looked sad . does he want to be my friend but he scared to say it?  what should i do ? im scared of what will happen.

ANSWER: I was busy during the holidays and missed your question earlier, sorry about that.

Could you provide your friend's real name or birth date, it will help me connect to him.  Who is "John" in relation to you and him?

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QUESTION: johns dob 9-8-82 and he is a  child hood friend

ANSWER: Can you tell me the names of all people involved, I am not sure if John is the same guy you dated or another.  Idk how many people you are talking about...thanks!

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QUESTION: john is the one i dated  and hes also a child hood friend . . his friend who pretended to be a cop, i never met him , i  dont have any information on him.

He appeared sad because he was hesitant about what to do upon seeing you. So much of your mind is running a program about wanting to be with him.  The ego will even create emotions and see what it wants to see...which is why you felt as if he was sad.

His friend pretended to be a cop to scare you away from talking to him, he doesn't want to talk to you.  


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