QUESTION: Thanks in advance, I am learning about intuition myself. I am trying for a baby, and it is too early to take the pregnancy test yet. It has almost been a week since we tried. I have had a dream where I have a baby, and I am seeing and noticing pregnant women and words more, but maybe that is just cause I am thinking about it a lot? Some of this I don't seem to "seek" out, like playing a word game with my 5 year old and one of the words I draw to have her guess is "Pregnant".
  Do you think I could be pregnant, is that something you get a sense of, or could you tell me how to have a greater sense of it myself? Thanks!

ANSWER: Melissa,

The universe DOES provide signs when something is coming to you.  The biggest indicator of what the sign means is how you FEEL when you get it.  Do you feel like you will be pregnant soon?  Or does it feel farther off?  When you want something, if you can visualize it and FEEL as if it has already happened, then its on its way to you.  The best way to visualize things, is to start general, let your feeling guide you to the other words, as long as it feel wonderful, you're on the right track!  I feel that its coming to you quite fast, does that ring true with you?  I feel like the child will be male with strong energy.

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QUESTION: Thank you, it has felt more certain that it will happen than it ever has before, I feel more ready for it. I watched the video, thank you, I liked the man's story, so cool to have affirmations like that!
Something that I am shy to admit is, my husband and I both are hoping for a girl, to be a sister to our daughter. I have had a energy healer tell me they see a boy,  and another heard a girl. Another thought I have is that maybe I will have twins, as my mom was a fraternal twin therefore I could possibly have twins. Do you see that as a possiblity? The way I understand it is predictions are a snapshot of possible future outcomes that can change all the time. Any way for me to "aim" to have a girl?

It could be that...I'm not sure. For some reason the male child's energy is very strong. I know you really want another girl but know this is meant to be. Accept your child's sex as it is because its his devine polarity. There's something very special about him. For some reason I got an image of him as a young man next to a creek or river. Idk what it means.

Try to allow your soul to speak rather than your mind about the desired sex of your child. Seeing it through the ego doesn't show the big picture of his spiritual purpose in this life. Being born into your family would give him the best advantage in life. But you can choose.


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