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Intuition/Pregocnition or something else?


I’m not really sure if I am in the right category for this or not but it is worth a try. Lately, my best friend and I have been having very weird, vivid dreams that are similar in nature yet different and always leaving us with an ominous feeling. Also, we are constantly getting the same gut feelings about things or having the same “day dream” within minutes of each other. We have been very close friends for over 10 years but have recently been living together, we have lived together for four months now and these episodes are getting more frequent and more intense. For example, this past week we both woke up from a horrible nightmare, hers involving a car accident with three of our six (combined) children and mine involving being stranded in an unfamiliar place with no way out. We both had a horrible weight on our shoulders that day, feeling uneasy and like something were not “right.” That same day, an event occurred that was threatening to all six of our children. Ever since that night we have been conversing about our dreams and feelings; we have come to realized that a lot of them are similar and that there is always the exact same song playing in the dreams and that the song gives us the exact same feeling. We decided to test out this new experience and both secluded ourselves in our rooms, without communication until we “felt” it was time to stop, and while by ourselves we would write down every strong emotional feeling, any “visions” or dreams, etc. Within two hours we were both in the living room, comparing notes. We both had the same song playing in our heads, a song neither of us have heard in weeks; our thoughts/feelings were almost point on. I guess my question is…could these things be attributed to us going through the same difficult thing at the same time or do we both possess some sort of precognition that is being amplified by our constant close proximity to each other? Or are we making a big deal out of nothing more than coincidence?

Hi Misty,

I have a very good friend like you do and we have had something similar.  Our lives, no matter how far apart we have been over the years, have had these uncanny parallels.  Even though there were times that for years we had even lost touch, we maintained a deep bond.  When reunited, we hit it off like we had just seen each other yesterday.  Then we'd discover all the parallels we have had while apart.  Knowing each other gives us both a perspective that helps solve our troubles and support to move forward through difficulty.

Your friend is a soulmate.  You two have a spiritual bond that is helping you through these difficult times.  You both are on the same wavelength and that's why you have these synchronizes.  Even though they are ominous, it means you two on on the right track.  You are supposed to be helping and supporting one another right now.  It was meant for you to move in together.  I'll bet even some of the children have similar bonds. :)

Together, you can strengthen your own spirituality.  If you both get involved in some spiritual activity, you will advance quicker than going at it alone, this is the time to do it.  This is a time to work on yourselves in the spiritual emotional realm of things.  Its a time of healing and nurturing.  At some point you both will realize that a great burden has been lifted and everything seems to be going right.  That's when you can meet your soulmates (by this soulmate I mean "The One").

Don't be surprised at some point if in the future you both suddenly seem to be disagreeing a lot or the kids fight and decide to not live together anymore...all that means is this phase is over but you will remain close friends in the long run.

Hope that gives you the insight you wanted, if there's any more questions, just ask.


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