QUESTION: I am in desperate need of help. I was in a relationship for seven and a half years, and we broke up 5 months ago. We have been together from a very young age, but I know that we are soul mates. We were living together and he left after almost 2 years because he was desperate to have his own place before settling down with me. I was afraid to let him go so I told him that if he left we wouldn't be together anymore. He kept fighting that and saying that it wouldn't have to be that way, but at the end I it all he accepted what I said and decided to leave on my terms, so we were no longer together. I have been getting psychic reading ever since, and most of them say the same thing, he needs time and I have to let go. But now he is with a horrible girl that is trying to come in between the two of us. He doesn't really care about her or love her, but he is still staying with her for whatever reason. Now, she is trying I trap him and accuse him of getting her pregnant, but I know that she is just trying to trap him. I love this man with my whole being and I want to fight for him back. I don't want to play any games, and I have finally gained the courage to talk to him about everything, but he feels like he is trapped with this girl. He thinks that she is going to have his baby, but in a reading that I got a while ago she told me that he might knock her up, but something is going to happen with the baby, she isn't going to have one. I think the girl is lying, and I don't know how to help him because I am no longer the one that he talks to about things. He still loves me, and he still wants to be with me, I know it. He is just stuck in a place were he doesn't need to be because he is being attacked by a demon in the form of this girl. I have dreams about us being back together all the time. He is my soul mate, and I know this to be true. How do I help him. How do I fight for the man that I love? Please help me. I am scared for him. I pray for him everyday. Should I be more proactive in calling him?!

ANSWER: I need some more info from you...

Why did he want his own place?  What reason did he give you?

It might help if you give me their real first names.

Can you describe a dream about you two getting back together?

Let me know asap and I'll get back with you.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: We have been together since we were teenagers. I am 24 now my name is Eboni I am a Capricorn and his name is Marques, he is 25 and a cancer. He got kicked out of his moms house and I was preparing to get a place of my own at the time so he just decided to move in with me. The reason he wanted his own place is because as he says, he has always wanted a bachelor pad and he wasn't ready to move in with me and set up house. He went straight from his moms house to living with me and I think that it was too much for him. I have heard in readings, and from his mouth that he is not ready for me yet. He told me when we first got together that he didn't think he would meet his perfect woman so soon in life. Also, he through readings I have heard that it was too much responsibility on him and I make him realize that he needs to grow up and be a man and that scares him. I recently, actually last night had a dream that we were trying to get back together, but this new girl that he is talking to, she kept getting in the way. I can't remember specifics at the moment but it was more so just her popping up when me and him were trying to get back to where we are supposed to be. She kept popping up and making him pull away from me. Still to this day he will not say to me that he doesn't want to be with me, or he doesn't love me. Whenever I ask him direct questions about us he says I really can't answer that, I don't know how I feel, I don't know how to answer that. He is so confused about us, and I know it's because I pushed him out of my life with a stupid ultimatum that I didn't even really mean, and I wouldn't really be his friend after he left. I want him back, and more than that I want him to stop messing around with her before she gets him into some real trouble. Yesterday I told him that he should make sure she is actually pregnant and he told me that I shouldn't have called because all I did was make him mad. I can't watch him destroy his life playing with fire. O yea, and in the dream the girl that he is with now (Amanda) she kept winning. He always took her side and went to her instead of choosing me. So much so that the dream was getting too bad and I woke up, then I said a prayer and asked god to get the enemy out of my head and my dream, and I no longer had that dream anymore. Please help!!

Do you remember any imagery in the dreams even if it seems irrelevant.  It could be anything, water, location, animals, cars etc.

Yes he is a soul mate for sure.  You've gotten close to him in ways you haven't with others before.  There is no need to beat yourself up here.  He had to separate from you in order to grow.  This was meant to happen to both of you.   

I feel like Amanda he is with now is temporary.  She is teaching him valuable lessons about himself that you must not interfere with.  If they have a baby so be it, in the end he will choose what's best for him.  Mistakes are just conflicts of the ego that happen to everyone, its just life experience.  Don't fret about it no matter how awful it seems.  He just wants to be friends at this point and you must allow her to fill the g/f role for him in order for him to advance.

This is a time for you to take care of yourself.  I applaud you for having the strength to tell him what you want.  As contrary as it may sound, right now is a time to let go of him.  You are attached but you can love him without being attached.  That's unconditional love.  

Eboni, your energy is silvery blue and lavender, you have special gifts of focused intentions and a great ability to communicate while in harmony with your heart.  So, let your heart guide you.  When you feel an uplifting bright feeling in your heart, you are on the right track and drawing closer to what your soul desires.  The mind can limit and confuse what your trues desires are, so always check in with your heart for the answer.  Turn off ALL THOUGHT and focus on what you question and allow yourself to hear all sound, feel all feelings, view all imagery, smell all smells....allow yourself to perceive everything WITHOUT A THOUGHT.  This will bring you much clarity.  

If you feel pain, let it come and let it flow...its a release and will ease your burdens.  Anytime thoughts repeat in your mind that pain you, do this...after a while you will have great peace regardless of unfortunate circumstances of your life.  Even if your mind has conditioned your heart to accept or crave a particular feeling, realize now that is is relative to your CURRENT experiences.  The more you outgrow these experiences the more you will realize that higher and higher frequencies of love can be experienced.  It will blow your mind.

There is another kind of soulmate called a Twin flame.  When you reach a state of unconditional love for yourself and for others you will attract your twin flame.  TF's cannot be together otherwise because it is a sacred union of two souls.  When you are ready to meet him you will...his presence will feel so clear and pure, there will be a harmony of emotion that is so in tuned no words can describe how beautiful this divine love is.  There will be no pain, no resistance.  When around this person you will feel your energy as if it is a bright light glowing from within and his energy the same, you will feel both of your hearts and the atmosphere around you two will ring with the harmony of both your lights.

I hope this is helpful and if there are any other questions just ask.


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