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QUESTION: I don't know if you can help me. Many years ago I was really drawn to s guy but nothing came of it. He went to live abroad, and I got on with my life. Just recently he has popped up again and I have not been able to get him out of my head, and I have dreams about him.Is there more to this or will he pass on through? Would be very grateful for your help.

ANSWER: There something he is here to show you about yourself and vice versa.  I suggest you talk to him and let it go where it draws you.  What was the situation before with him?  What is it now?  Can you talk to him now?  What's stopping you?  Get back with me and I might can help you out.

Can you describe a dream about him, anything even if it seems unrelated to him, images, places, cars, animals etc.

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QUESTION: Thanks a lot for your reply. The funny thing is we barely new each other. I got to know his friends a bit better. But it was like having a crush on someone but magnified. The dreams I have are of us being together and having dinner talking etc,etc. I may or may not get to see him before he leaves to go home, abroad. I have seen and heard more about him in the last few months than I have in years. On the internet, tv and radio. Without trying! I can't quite shake of those thoughts about him. He ia an artist. Thanks again Jx

Unresolved things (esp when emotional) will recirculate in your logical mind and emotional mind until you resolve them somehow.  Even if you never talk to him, the problem will resurface in another way.

This happened to me once.  I hardly knew this guy but for some reason I really liked him.  It was because I wasn't that into my then current b/f and what I did know about him, I really liked.  So my mind took over imagining how he might be and viola, I had a major crush no him.  My gut feeling all along was there was some unknown thing about him that I did not want.  But I was so focused on what fraction of him I did see.

One day, his friend gave me his number, years after I had met him.  I called him and he asked me why I called him and if I had a b/f.  We hung out a few times and I realized my attraction to him was intellectual and physical...the emotional/spiritual part was nothing like I wanted.  Finding out if he's a great as you think will help you either move on or he may be your man.

So you're either being shy ;) or there's something in your intuition telling you no.  But in order for your intellectual mind to understand, sometimes you just have to put yourself out there and take an emotional risk.  The only reason its a big deal is that you have thought about him so much that there's a simulated relationship and attachment to him based on your thoughts.  Its nothing abnormal or weird...we all do it.  

You just have to realize that its not a big deal, just talk to him or his friends and tell him you like him.  Make the choice to move forward.  Ask yourself is there any use at this point in just thinking about it?  You know that the only way to get closure and move on or confirmation that he likes you is to talk about it.

It will feel uncomfortable and hopeful until your logical mind knows the answer.  Then you will either get over it or be so glad you found out.  But don't stay stuck not're in limbo!  If you want any more clarity or help, just let me know.  


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