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I want to ask you about my angels and my spirit guides. I want to contact them. I'm not good at guided meditation, I meditate better in ''here and now''. Please tell me how to contact my angels and my spirit guides? Please give me a message from them. Many blessings.

ANSWER: You can ask them to come to you in your dreams.  Maybe try setting your intention to remember and record your dreams.  Keep a dream journal.  You will also get synchronicity when awake, they bring things to your attention....symbols and stuff.  For example, you are trying to change something big about yourself and you see a butterfly or cocoon.  You might see something that reminds you of something you want or need to do.  Those are signs that its coming to you.  

I think you have 7 angels working with you...each one specializes in helping you in a certain way...sort of like one for each chakra.

They want more trust and surrender in you...less thought.  You can't hear them when you not think...feel everything around as its inside of you...then you can feel their presence around you.  You can feel them in your chakras.

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QUESTION: Thank you very much for your reading, is very useful.
I have to say that my dreams are vivid and lucid, just like reality. I want to see or hear my guides/angels whenever I need them. Sometimes I see little sparks/light, probably they are my angels/guides. I'm happy that I have 7 guides. Do I have a higher guide or angel like an archangel or ascended master?
Yes is true that I have to think less, and to trust and surrender more. Many blessings, all the best.

Ascended master guides aren't so specific to individuals...but you can call on them for help.  As for the sparks of light, yep, you are already aware of them.  The more you surrender and trust God and the LOA, the easier it will be to have an awareness of them.


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