I want to ask you how will I do with money/abundance in the future? How wealthy I will be in the next years? Thank you. Many blessings.

ANSWER: You will be in the lower rich class...very upper middle class.  You will do great.  Just continue to follow your heart and never be to set on any particular way of getting money.  Make sure what you are doing resonates with you, also about who you work for or who work for, trust your gut.  

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QUESTION: Thank you very much. I hope that it will be like you said soon. I want to ask you if I will have my own business? My wealth will worth a few more hundreds of thousands of dollars? I always follow my heart, I have to have a fulfilled life. Many blessings.

ANSWER: You can have your own business if you like but you may choose a like minded business partnership...nothing can stop you once you are in sync with your heart.  You will get everything you have ever wanted.

There is a woman who will love you for who you truly are...others feel sorry for you but she will only love you.  I want you to realize that difference, its very important.  

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QUESTION: Thank you for your answer. I don't understand 100% what means ''others feel sorry for you but she will only love you"?
About money/abundance/posperity/wealth/my desires, sooner or later I will have all I want. Many blessings.

Your twin flame (soulmate) will love everything about you...she will love your heart, mind and also you physically....but she will not feel sorry for you like others do.  Other girls won't show it but they do, and they feel guilty, this is a common thing.  When people see another as having a disadvantage they feel sorry for them and guilty.  Right now you are projecting out to others that you want to be loves for who you are to the point where you would make somebody fall in love if you could.  That is not good because that person will never love you for how you are only because they want you to be loved so much that they will try.  

You must believe that there is a girl made for you.  You cannot be with her until you love yourself so much that you don't look for love from others.  You get full of so much love that you radiate love to others.  You become a healer.  That is when you meet her.  This is also how you attract the wealth that you want.

Right now you are looking to me for your answers but you need to look inside yourself.  Your body and mind are just layers containing yourself.  You are a soul that has a body not the other way around...your soul is the larger part of you.  So look inside yourself and feel the connection to everything around you beyond physical.  Feel the life in everything, feel it in your heart...release your problems and worries to god.  When you do this, you may end up crying or feel overwhelmed but its a good thing!!!  Its means you are releasing what is not useful to you from your mind.  You have to let go.

Adrian, I wish you the best in life.


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