QUESTION: I have a 6 year old son, Baden. I have felt like my time with him is short. I am terrified something is going to happen. I find myself spending more time with him then I do my oldiest son because I have this horrible feeling. I can't explain why I have this feeling, but it is always there. I tell myself all the time I'm just being crazy but everyday it's there in the back of my mind. Like I'm preparing myself for when the day comes. I can't remember when I started having this feeling but it's been going on for years. Please tell me I'm overreacting and this is not a mother's intuition.

ANSWER: Kayla,

Could you give me both of your date of births? It helps me connect to your vibrations better.  Thanks.

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QUESTION: His is November 28 2007.  Mine is February 14 1984

11-28-07 Baden     2-14-1984 Kayla

Your time with him is limited but not in the way that you think.  You will nurture a beginning of outreach and love in him by being very close and he will blossom out of it as a young adult....into a beautiful life of following where his heart and intuition guide him.  There will be a point in life where you will have to let go of guiding him and allow him to guide himself.  Whether you let go and allow this or not will not change the outcome where he will break away.  You will be faced with a choice to accept it and remain connected to him at heart or to hold onto a personal fear.

I do not know the details of how he will break away and go on his own, that doesn't matter in the greater spiritual sense of what life is...try to remember this when it happens.  Just know that it is no tragedy, he is fulfilling his higher purpose when the time comes. Its is a beautiful thing and you are an essential part of his development now. :)  


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