I just got laid off from a job I hated anyway,  I'm looking to find work I'm passionate about or at least can stomach so that I can have a better lifestyle.  Can you see if there is something that is blocking me from having this better life.  Is is a person, place, or thing? Thank you


You got laid off because you had vibrational momentum going in the direction of leaving that situation.  The universe responded to your vibration and provided you with this situation.  The only thing blocking you is yourself not being focused on what you want.  First, start by being very general about what you can stomach doing for a while.  Focus on how you want to feel while at work but not the details of where, what job or how you get the job.  The universe will respond and provide you a vibrational match that already exists now, you have to line up vibrationally, that's it!

Here's an example of how to focus yourself that might help:  

"I intend I am working in an environment that is organized and efficient...I intend others to work cooperatively with me and my boss to appreciate the work I do...I intend I have everything I need (housing, food, spending money) provided for...I intend the work to be easy for me to do and I find it easy to stay focused and relaxed while working."  See how that doesn't get specific at all, not to a particular place or type of work?

When you have a decent job, your mind will be freed up from the stress and you can then begin to focus on your passions in your free time in the same way.  Then the universe will bring new situations to you as you do not block them by worrying with the how, when, where questions that stop momentum of it coming to you.  

If there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask for a followup.

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