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Intuition/Insight on future love life?


Hi Edson,

I'm 22 year old female and sexual orientation is lesbian. Background that will lead to the question, I've been a hopeless romantic since high school years though many times leads to unrequited love. Though these past few months I've learned to focus on being productive though still have nagging habit that resides in my head since I met 2 beautiful women during the semester. So my overall question is just a insight love life and what to expect?

Thank you

Dear Aileene,

I apologize for the delay. I was launching a seminar series this weekend, and thought it might provide some additional clarity in dividing the impressions concerning the two issues you present.

The first matter is your propensity for experiencing "unrequited love". You have a sincere desire for the sustaining affection of a nurturing relationship, and approach it with the trusting heart of childlike innocence. In the past, engaging personalities have, at first, enthralled, and subsequently disillusioned you. Having your anticipation not yet flower into fruition, you long for the promise of love in which you might safely rely. This experience leaves you hesitant to trust yourself in the deciding to direct your intentions toward new aspirations.

The path before you contains a few challenges yet. To be ready for the love that waits in your path, you must move beyond your present material situation. You dwell beneath the sway of one, upon whose financial largess your current life is dependent. They provide for your needs, but extract intangible tribute in return. Before long, you will be forced to make a choice concerning them before long, which will result in unsettling news regarding support. This dilemma will cause you additional difficulty in choosing the focus toward which your life is to follow, and you will struggle with this through the summer. As you bring this situation beneath your control, the opportunity to celebrate love, as you have never experienced before, will present itself within your grasp.

Fortitude and Patience,



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