QUESTION: My name is Keishia and my DOB is 06/06/1992. I haven't had very good relationships in the past. I always seem to be let down or taken advantage of. I want to know if I will ever find true love?

ANSWER: Keishia,

Don't let your trying to assist people lead you to the wrong relationships.  Men who accept your partnership in helping them are doing just that and one they are done or you expect something from them, the basis of the "relationship" is lost. But there was no loss, they were not a match to begin with.

There's a man you might meet wearing a suit (I think its tan or brown), he has very strait nice teeth and smiles at you, its in a library or school I think.  Don't offer to do anything for him, just ask him about what he is doing and talk to him about what you want.

Until then, just look inside yourself, at the raw unshielded you. See yourself in a honest way, do not defend actions, feelings or thoughts, but look at them for what they are.  Allow yourself to release any pain by allowing yourself to feel it without judging or putting a label on it.  Once you are honest in this way, and not categorizing your pain, it will leave you.  You may cry and it might be intense at times but its temporary.  You may have to do it a few times and if something comes up repeatedly its because there is an underlying issue about yourself you need to understand in order to let go.

Once that is done, then focus on what YOU want FROM a man...what your inner soul wants, not what you have been brought up to think you want..what you want that resonates inside, not in your head.  What do YOU want?  As you discover yourself this may change until you know him on a vibrational level and then once all the pain is cleared and the resistance will be drawn to one another by your vibration like magnets and you will meet.  

Just everyday, put special focus on what makes you FEEL good inside.

If there are any other questions, or anything else you want help with just ask a followup.

From the Heart

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Can you tell me if my ex OJ will try to come back into my life again? I haven't heard from him in about 2 weeks and I just want closure. His date of birth is 11/16/1991.


If he does, its because he is not sure and also needs closure.  Whether or not you two get together at all, frankly it depends on how much more contrast either of you need to experience before you decide to move on from that.  

The best thing for you is to be open to the new because you realize what the past has shown you.  Rather than try to improve on the past by going back to it...just allow the universe to bring to you new experiences as you transform yourself.  Things just get better and better the more you get in sync with your soul.  

When you start syncing up, you will FEEL it.  It will resonate with a feeling glowing inside you that radiates outward.  Your eyes will see new things, your heart will be open to love that exists all around you, you will begin to share it with others because you will feel like everything you touch is nourished from your energy...this is different from trying to help with actions from a vibration of not having enough.  When you are in a state of unconditional love your energy expands outward and things around you will no longer look outward trying to bring love will be so full of light that you can't help but share it, and as it just flows from your heart and hands.  

Things will begin to happen easily, effortlessly....there is great power in surrendering yourself to love...there is great control in letting go of control of details.  Focus on feeling this love and the universe will take care of all the details.  You will be unbound in this freedom and the exact essence of everything your soul desires is created by that energy.  When your aligned, physical reality lines up around you in response to your vibration.  Think of this as sound waves taking shape and expanding outward.  

Look what sound can do:

From the Heart


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