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My name is Sana Anjum (Muslim), DOB: 18/Apr/1990. My boyfriend's name is Vinod K Yadav(Hindu); DOB: 17/07/1987. Sir I don't know if he is coming back or not. I don't even know if I want him to come back or not. Because the number of times i've hurt by this person and the ways are excruciating.

We had a fight week back, then I had fallen sick really bad, he was informed but he didn't even bother to check if I am in a good condition or not. The only question I wan't to ask you is is he a very bad person for me (not talking about in general; for me). Does he even love me or pretends to do so. If not then what actually he wants from me. Why does he pretend that he loves me. What is his nature towards me.

He keeps telling me that we don't have a future together because of the religion difference but he also wants to stay with me until we can. And then he has to hurt me also .. I really don't understand this person. Please explain his behavior towards me. Is he the right person for me or is he using me for he has nobody in his life for now. One thing is for sure I really love this person. But I can't let him hurt me anymore.

ANSWER: Dear Sana,

Your own intuition is strong, and it has appealed to you, but there is much around you that drowns your inner voice neith the clamour. Your family and friends have given clearly their advice, as they have discussed it with you and amongst themselves, often and at length. Now it is time to listen to your deepest self.

If you would like, I can suggest an exercise that may help set a stage upon which your intuition may more fully present itself. Please feel free to send me a follow up to this inquiry, should you wish such further assistance.

The strength that fills us surmounts the obstacles that surround us,


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QUESTION: It would be a great help Sir, I really don't understand what to do. I just need someone or something that can help me through all this.

Thank you for your response and support.

Dear Sana,

Your own intuition is strong, and that is what can best help you through this quandary and provide the clarity you need to make the decisions with which you struggle. Presently, there is a great deal of intentional influence all around you regarding this question. Your inner voice, through which your intuition provides its counsel, remains unheard beneath the din of others.

These other influences are not being directed toward you out of malice, but rather in a spirit of charity and concern, as they generate from your closest friends and family. They are the opinions and feelings of others, voiced or not, and the decision before you must be made by you alone. To avail yourself of the inner guidance you seek, you can achieve a useful measure of clarity by briefly isolate yourself from them. This must be done with gentleness and care, as they are given out of love.

A short respite, beyond the immediate reach of these influences, would provide a generous opportunity for your own innate wisdom to connect with and guide you. A short trip away from those who are aware of your dilemma is a means, tested by time, and found successful by most who have embarked upon it.

Your destination could be a visit with friends who are unaware of the issue with which you struggle, or a place where you are generally little known, but must be a place uninvolved with the issue at hand. The length needn’t be long; two nights and a day should well suffice, especially if you depart from the reach of these influences before sunset, and return to it after the light of day dispels the last remnants of night.

Your safety, and the concerns of your loved ones, should by no means be neglected. There is an older person connected with your family who is aware of the situation, but has offered no opinion. They can be trusted to assist you in this. Remain in contact with them, and they can assure others of your wellbeing.

In this person alone should you confide the purpose of your absence; no one else should be told of that which you wish to achieve. Take great care that Vinod is not notified of your plans or departure until the Sun has put the shadows of the first evening to flight. Neither should those who receive you on your journey be aware of its true goal.

To prepare, divest yourself of all other attachments, actual and symbolic, to the currently prevailing influences.  Take neither accoutrement nor ornament that has any connection to the people apprised of your dilemma. Likewise, select your clothing, wash them apart from others, and take great care that no one apprised handles them prior to your leaving. Other supplies should be either secured by you without passing through their hands, or gathered after you depart. Bring no food with you, but obtain it on the journey itself.

If you need money for this journey, use only that which you yourself have earned, or that which you have obtained outside of the current influences. If you need to borrow for this journey, do so either from the trusted agent mentioned above, or from someone with no knowledge of your inner struggle (taking great care to repay it before they become aware). If offered money, or anything else for the journey, by anyone who knows of your plight, politely accept it, leave it at home, and return it after returning yourself.

While away, you are not meant to seclude yourself. On the contrary, conversations with others regarding any other topics would afford the greatest opportunity for your inner voice to attend you.  It is of the utmost importance, however, that you resist any temptation to discuss your situation concerning Vinod. Neither are you meant to immerse yourself in any other turmoil. Assisting someone else in their challenge is beneficial to the results you seek, so long as it remains dissimilar to your own. Above all, keep yourself from the midst of conflict between others.

Upon your return, do not disclose the aim or achievements of you absence to anyone, until your decision has been made, and Vinod informed.  This may take time, as the journey affords your intuition merely the opportunity to commence its counsel.

The success of this exercise depends solely on your adherence to its intended purpose.  Should it not produce the results you desire, reflect upon the elements that comprised it, and it may be repeated with amendment of any weaknesses you discover. Most who attempt this, however, experience profound results during and following the first excursion. Any repetition of it should be made prior to disclosing the nature of its inner engagements or designs.

Wishing You Strength, Growth and Realization of Your Own Wisdom,



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