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I am currently healing and moving on from an ex-acquaintance of mine named John(6/19/1994). John had wronged me and accused me of something that I had not done. We have two classes together, and I/friends always catch him looking at me. It's not a bad look or anything. I've also noticed that he looks at me when I'm talking to other guys. Why do you think he is staring at me?

ANSWER: Could you provide your birth date too?

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QUESTION: Sorry, my bday is 05/03/1994 :)

I feel he is analyzing you and how you interact with others, esp guys. He may be looking for a way to validate what he did/his reaction to you...if so its an ego issue with him that he is struggling to hold onto even though its time to change.  Sometimes people need to experience more that the initial conflict that brought up an issue within themselves before they can finally move on.  He is likely experiencing some resistance in his transition to aligning with his soul...perhaps guilt even.

Our souls know what is right for us and we can always feel how much we are in alignment with that in our emotions.  Negative events are just contrast we feel when our focus or reaction is not in alignment with who we are.  Most of the time when people feel contrast (negative emotion) they try to reason and figure out in their mind what specifically is that is "wrong".  Once one lets go of the conflict and stops judging it, the truth is evident to them.  Negative emotions are released, the old pattern of reacting the same way is broken and a new sense of who we are emerges.  

These events happen throughout our lives as we continue to grow and experience new things refining our focus as we go.  One thing that can help many is to remember to go with what feels right regardless of the details and try not to be too specific with desires.  The more open you are, the faster experience will show you what you truly want.  The details will come together as you enjoy moments without becoming attached to any one thing about them.  Attachment halts momentum, you are vibrational and a magnet to all you focus open.  Just ask yourself, am I focused on the joy of this moment (or a past one), or am I focused on a detail and closed off to better experiences?  Your soul will tell you the answer, it doesn't not come from the mind or reason.

Hope this helps.  Always,
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