QUESTION: It has been a rough road between this guy and I. This person accused me of something that I had not done. I personally feel like I'm picking up the pieces to the puzzle and trying to clean up a mess that I did not create.

I offered him my hand to resolve things, but he didn't want to. We have classes together and all he does is stare for no apparent reason and it's not a bad look. I am still hurting from what he had done to me and most of the time, I can look content.

I was born on 5/03/1994 and he was born on 06/19/1994

My questions are: Is this guy hurting as well ? Is that why he might be staring?

ANSWER: I don't know if you realize it, but this is the third time you have asked me the same question.  The first time I answered it as best as I could with the information you provided.  The second time you asked me pretending to be him and I rejected your question, now you are asking me the same that you asked the first time around.

I would like to help you with this. If you seriously want some constructive help you can start by giving me some useful details, like what did he accuse you of and why?  Were you in a relationship or was he just a friend?  

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QUESTION: He accused me of harassing me and I never did that to him.  The only reason why he thought that(according to the Dean ) was because he wasn't communicating with me and he thought that because he wasn't communicating wih me, that I was going behind his back to try to talk to him.

He had stopped talking to me and he started acting weird around me. By weird, I mean he would always stare atw me and he would be all nervous around me as well.

We were never in as relationship, we used to be friends. He just seems like he's hiding something because of the way he acts around me still.

Those accusations he made against me were proven to be false because I don't fake my persona on the internet.

I'm sorry if I've asked you this twice ,but I never pretended to be someone else while asking a question

Besides that, this is what happened.

Well I have got good news for you.  John asked me about you on here.  He was wondering if you knew he likes you.  This is exactly what he said:

"My name is John and I was born on June 19,1994. The person that I'm asking about is named Jordan and she was born on May 3,1994. Does Jordan know that I like her? Also, where exactly did my feelings come from?"

That's explains why he is staring at you.  So I feel like the best thing to do here would be to just talk to him.  


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