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QUESTION: I do sill have a slight attraction towards John. The problem is that he really hurt me. I am in a state of healing from what he did to me. I still carry some anger and frustration. I don't go and talk to him when we see each other because he didn't want anything to do with me( that's what the counselor said that he said to the Dean). It's just  very frustrating and he's not making a move or anything, he'just staring at me the whole time we see each other.

Me: May 3, 1994
Him: June 19, 1994

ANSWER: I may be able to help you if I knew what it was he accused you of. Just tell he facts if how it happened without any theories or anything then maybe I can tap into the energy.

Intuition only works with 100% honesty. You have to be honest with me and honest with your self first to even do that. It OK to make mistakes...I feel you just want him to talk to you, to like you and forgive you and to forgive him.

Its up to you, do you want the truth? Or do you want to contrive a fantasy that validates a specific idea your afraid to let go of? Are you ready for the truth?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: He accused me of harassing him through a social network.  The only reason why he thought that was because he wasn't getting back to my text messages.  He thought that I was going through great lengths to talk to him since he wasn't getting back to me via text

He had reported me to our school's Dean about it and when the Dean met with me, she told me that he wanted no contact with me. I never did any of the things he had accused me of.  I may have texted him quite a bit, but I never faked my persona just to get him to talk.  John had started acting bizarre around me prior to him reporting to the Dean.

He stopped communicating with me and my friends and I always caught him staring at me all the time when we were I'm class.  His actions seemed like he was hiding something.

ANSWER: I'm sorry I didn't answer you yet I've been working overtime everyday for the past week.

What were you texting him about when he wouldn't answer? What lengths did you go through to get him to talk to you? Who asked a question on here saying they were him, using your birth dates?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I texted him simple things like "Hey"from time to time, nothing more I never faked my persona to get him to talk to me. Also, I don't know who is going around asking questions about him and I.  When we were friends, he did tell me that he believes in supernatural things though.

Jordan, the love you are searching for does not reside within the blockade of another.  The love cannot enter your experience as long as it is being held at bay by your refusal to be honest with yourself.  In being honest with yourself, you can be honest with others and not be stuck in a refusal to see the big picture.  Take a step back and observe yourself without judging or condemning.  Release the pain of your own resistance...let it move out of you but do not wallow in it.  Let it leave you and accept the truth.  

When you are ready for the truth of this situation it will be revealed to you.  Right now you are in a struggle with yourself...but it will eventually untangle.  The less resistant you are, the faster these knots of pain and frustration will be unlocked.  The first step is to choose to accept the truth even if you do not know what it is yet.  When you stop struggling with yourself you will begin to realize your own personal power that resides in your own heart.  Its only your heart that can attract the right lover to you like a magnet.  Once you heart is one the right frequency, you and your soul mate will be pulled together by the powers of the universe.

You may begin to realize when you change, that some of your friends remain on the old frequency.  But do not let this get to you, let them go, you will attract new friends who are closer to your vibration and a few who will fuel even more not resist them.  Let them show you the way.  Once you let go of details, all the power is yours.

From the Heart.


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