Hi, and thank you so much for offering to answer a free question. It is much appreciated! My name is Alyson 3/26/72, and my question involves my recent ex (as of three weeks ago).  His name is Stephen (5/19/81). We dated almost a year. He was not only my love, but also my best friend. I would have bet anything that he really loved me. Anything! Anyway, many things went crazy in my life and everything with Stephen and I changed. I will admit I stayed around even after some very questionable things happened involving other women, and yes I believe maybe he lost respect for me when I did not leave. Regardless, he left me 3 weeks ago-in a very mean horrible way. Its not like him, but maybe  i am in denial. I wanted to ask you if you could please let me know if he feels any remorse at all, and if so-will I ever know this. Its all very shocking really. Thank you again for your time! Alyson


Your souls united temporarily on some levels that needed growth in both of you.  When they untied, you both became disoriented by the details of your lives.  Its like the both of you became focused on untangling the knots forcibly rather than allowing it to release naturally.  But that conflict is the lesson you need.  He has not yet learned how to express himself freely through his heart to another.  He has a belief that honesty makes him vulnerable to being controlled.  He doesn't understand that first honesty leads him to the freedom his soul knows to be.  His personal power is all tangled up in his own mind's distortion.  

There is a great power in truth, there is no power in denial...there is great power in letting go and freeing yourself.  There is no power in creating illusions to comfort yourself. Always choose freedom over comfort, because you deserve satisfaction in ever part of your life.  There is no need to hold him responsible for how you are feeling now.  YOU have all the power to feel wonderful, nobody has that power over you.  What vibrates within you changes what is around you.  Quietly observe yourself letting go and watch peace settle in around you like a blossoming orchard.  Become lost in this garden of your soul and beautiful people, places and events will show up in your life. Your life will be blessed with everything your soul knows is for you. The mind may doubt, but the soul ALWAYS knows.

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