Yesterday night when I went to bed I got a weird feeling/vibe/sensation(I don't know what to call it exactly.There were no thoughts in my mind.It was totally empty.I was not thinking about anything.)The feeling was definitely not good.It made me feel very uncomfortable.I tried not to resist or get lost in that feeling, I just let it be.I tried to be  aware of it.But I got sucked in by the feeling.It was very overpowering.When I saw myself getting sucked in by the feeling I felt very uneasy and scared like I was losing myself so I tried to divert myself by listening to music.I went off to sleep very late.When I tried to observe the feeling I felt very scared.Next morning I was feeling normal.
I'm curious to know why did I suddenly feel like this?
Thank you

What you were feeling was purely vibrational. You were likely aware of a spirit who hasn't moved on. This is nothing to fear unlike many think. Matter of fact it happened to me a couple of months ago. The entity isn't responsible anymore for your fear than a "living" person.

You tend to attract souls around you when you have an issue with yourself. Sometimes they are just trying to help you other times they are trying to make sense of what they feel and are attracted to your similar vibe.

Just like "living" people tend to influence you with their energy and focus...spirits do the same. Being around negative people can take its toll on you whereas positive people uplift you.

You can ask them to leave you.... help them move on or just pray for them...ask a master spirit to help them...or ask one of your guides... you have 3 that I feel around you. They have their positive focus on your life at all times. The more positive you are, the closer they work with you.

Hope this helps.
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