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I have an idea to combine two existing products sold on the market today and package them together as one under a new product name. The products inside the package would still bare the name of the name brand. I am just putting them together to sell as one.
Is that possible?
Do I need to get permission or licensing from the existing product manufacturer?
If all is possible how can I protect this product from being duplicated?
Thank you for your time in reading and hopefully responding to it.

This is a tricky question relative to can you get a patent on combining 2+ products of another company. The first question is are these products patented. Do the products have markings regarding patents?
You really need to read the important chapters in "Patent it yourself" by David Pressman regarding patentability. These chapters will be invaluable in guiding which way to go.
I am presently selling a product that combines the patented products of others and will get a patent concerning how I combine them. I used Pressman to write my own patent and you can do the same.
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