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Hi Penny,

First off, thanks for your time and expertise!

I'd love a little guidance.  I have a concept in my mind for a product in the hunting industry.  My problem is I think I need a textile engineer, or something of the sort, that can help me see how financially viable the idea is and help transition the idea from from my head into something commercially functional.

Sorry for the vague question, but any suggestions of a direction would be wonderful!  

Thanks again!

Hi Jay,

I don't exactly have much to go on from what you posted so the links I am going to provide you may or may not be applicable. Had I known the specific industry category I could have narrowed them down.

Also, when talking "financial viability" that would likely cost you to have someone do a study or pull one off the Internet already undertaken (reasonable easy to find but can be expensive). There is no reason you cannot conduct a study yourself to get a general idea about costs since any analysis does not brainiac to figure out basics and/or questions to get answers to (use the layout for a Business Plan answering or finding the answers to questions it asks).


1. Keep in mind the US is now a “First to File” (patent) country so try not to go into specifics with anyone but you should indicate the category of hunting field (horses, game, etc) Don’t talk about what you have but “similar” types of products and that you need some direction in terms of textile manufacturing advice (type of material to use for this “similar” device).

Check with the below applicable companies to see if they can give you the name of a textile engineer in
the specific “industry” of your niche idea (if any below are applicable).

Possible leads:


Sewers in the industrial/commercial industry


Check out “American Stitchco in Mtn Home, Arkansas” on this list you’ll note hunting in it.

4. Notice the list of links in their right margin column:

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