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Inventing New Products/Inventions/money _investors without paying to get them?


I have just had another door close for me at SBA workers at scores tried to hel[p me get affairs in order. They say I have a fantastic idea that needs patent right away. I have desire wich is needed.The BIG promblem is cash flow.I also have bad credit from years ago.Meaning no loans for me.
What is a woman to do when she doesn't have family or friends she can go to?
No money to spend $600 for Angle's to help me get a investor.
I'm her with this million dollar idea with no one to turn to  and just can't say my idea or it will be snatched up.
It's so simple and its not out there.Even Martha Stuart would kick herself.
I don't understand how is someone with my cash flow ever gonna get a brake if I don't get one.Other people with the same problems to.
Is there a charity place that helps fund people with idea's anything in that matter ? I know sounds crazy but I need help.
Thank you for your time. Kathy


The only charity I know is probably people like me willing to help inventors.

What is one supposed to do, you ask? Well, let's see, if you helped yourself you'd be looking at:

1. A patent search should cost about $250
2. Getting your invention into patent pending should cost less than $200.
3. Getting a prototype made, might require you getting a university or a student at one to make one for free. Or it may mean joining a local inventor's club where prototypers usually hang out like bees or even an inventor member might build one for free.
4. Packaging and Assembly: visiting your local Blind center will find cheap prices or you create your own.

What on earth is all this money for you're talking about needing?

Maybe I'm not understanding what the problem is? It takes money and/or personal commitment to overcome obstacles and finding someone like me who might be able to walk you thru the process.

Keep in mind, on the 16th of this month the USA becomes a Firt to File country. Meaning, someone who likes your idea could file a patent on it and there's not a thing you can do about it. We are no longer a First to Invent country. It's the first one to the patent office. So, just bear in mind that "loose lips sink ships" from now on.  

Find me off line via Google and talk to me.

Penny Ballou  

Inventing New Products/Inventions

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