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I had written you with a question (2/9/2012), regarding direction on business start up.  Here is a copy (below) of the question I sent to you in February.

You said you wouldn't mind if I sent another question.  So, here is one more question!

I am trying to figure out the best way to go about a start up "business".  Here is the situation - (it is somewhat complicated, so I will do my best to explain, the end result of what I am seeking.)

I would like to find a person to be accountable for these 250 songs I have written.  (Some are complete and some are maybe a verse and a chorus, or so.)  I have them all on cassette tapes and am going to copy them down to CD's.  
My dilemma is this...I have been very ill for along time, and I spend alot of time worrying about my music, and what would happen to it if something happened to me, emergently.  I do not want all of my hard work through the years to be possibly "waisted", if I am not able to attend to it.  I am not of much use to it right now, I can do very little.

I am trying to decide what "title" this person or persons would be.  I am thinking that maybe this person should be a music attorney?  But I also need the person to have connections with a person who could finish writing some of the music and possibly produce the music then, match the finished tunes with artists.  I think this would be a music publisher?  I am feeling a bit unclear on how to go about this, and hope I am explaining this well enough for your advice on how to piece this together.  Should I find just one person, or several, and how should I advertise for this?

Thank you so very much for any direction you could offer.

Prior question:
Date Asked: 2012-02-09 22:53:41
Date Answered: 2012-02-14 03:34:21

I don't know if this is your area, but if not maybe you can help get me started in the right direction.

I spent about 10 years writing music (about 300) songs, and I want to start a publishing company, to have all of my music accessible in the same place and possibly be up to match with other artists.  I am not worried about business, so to speak, right away; but more where do I start on getting the company name legal, published, and all rights necessary included?  I probably have to contact a government source I assume?  I am starting from very beginning and could use some direction.

Thank you!

Hi Leah,

I am sorry you are ill, that sucks.  I hope you have the kind of 'ill' that gets better and if not, I wish you peace.  Moving toward peace, let's see if we can alleviate your stress about what to do with your music.  

Honestly what I would do if I were you is find someone that is in the music business to talk to.  I unfortunately have limited experience in that industry, so ask around.  Go to your local university and talk to the music professors.  Talk to the recording professors and ask them the same exact question.  You will find your answer.  If you tap into the people that have the experience and know-how and contacts, you will find your answers.  

I don't mean to push you off to someone else, but my hope is that I'm leading you closer to the answers that you seek.  I want to help you succeed by connecting you to the kind of people that can propel you into forward momentum.  

I will always be here for you, so I am always available for questions.

Take care and keep your desire up to share your music.


Marty McCrea

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