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QUESTION: Dear Marty McCrea,

My friend has invented new battery for Electrical Vehicles, in theory. to prove it works, we need lab to test, to make R&D, to optimize it, since we cant do it ourselves even if we find cash for it. we are right now applying for pending patent, to disclose our invention to labs, investors, etc. we have some interest from Oak Ridge National Lab, to see details to make a decision. is pending patent good option for us? where to seek for labs to partner, besides ORNL, or possible investors for this invention. we believe it will change the industry, as it is far better than any rival batteries in terms of performance.

ANSWER: Hi Sobirjon,

A patent pending status is good enough for you to present your concept to labs.  I would also have them sign a non-disclosure agreement as well.  You can find an NDA with a quick Google search and adapt it to your needs. WHY is your friend's idea theory?  I know that you need a lab to test it in reality, however labs deal in theory every day, that's their lifeblood.  Make sure your theory and your hypothesis has sound physics behind it.

I would google a list of the university research labs and research the ones you want to present to.  Narrow this list to 3-5 labs and KNOW WHY that you chose them.  Choose them purposely.  Let them know this.

You will need to let the labs know what's in it for them.  They might try and buy the idea for cheap, knowing full well that you are a novice inventor and a novice negotiator.  You need to educate yourself about these matters. You should have at least 3 very solid reasons how THEY would benefit from working on your friend’s idea.

You should have an idea of what the optimal deal would look like.  This will take research, and talking to people that have developed ideas through labs.  Google to see if your local community has an inventors group.  My guess is that you do.  Attend these meetings, you will meet some great people.  Maybe even someone that works at the very lab you need to get into.

You have much work to do, get to it!  And happy inventing!


Marty McCrea

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QUESTION: Dear Marty McCrea,

I thought NDA isnt needed once we get pending patent,do we need still? we arent US located, we live in Uzbekistan where we lack group of inventors to ask. we are hoping for some angel investor once we get pending patent, we will focus on searching for investor and other labs too...
thanks for advice,

ANSWER: I am not familar with the patent laws of Uzbekistan, so i'm not going to me much help.  Is your patnet a US patent of one from Uzbekistan?  An NDA isw always a good idea because it lets people know that you take your idea very seriously and it helpt to protect your intellectual property.

Best of luck Sobir!


Marty McCrea

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QUESTION: Dear Mart McCrea,
it is my fault, i didnt explain everything thoroughly. we are intending to apply for provisional patent in US, as we are aiming production of battery there. so seeking for labs, partners, investors from there primarily. is NDA a must before sharing pending patent status invention to labs, partners, investors from US or pending patent is well enough to protect us and we dont need them to sign NDA?
sorry for bothering too much, thanks for helping...

No bother Sobir, this is what I'm here help guide you along the way.

I would still have them sign an NDA, it's just another layer of protection for you and the idea.  A provisional patent is good, however it's not airtight protection for your idea...a provisional patent is just a date-holder for your full patent to be filed within 12 months of the time your provisional application filing date. It will give you the right to use 'patent pending' however people can still work around your provisional....which is why the NDA is needed.

My advice would be to do both, the provisional and the NDA.

Let me know if you have more questions.


Marty McCrea  

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